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    Orvis Helios 2; line recommendations ?

    I have recently acquired an Orvis Helios 2 9ft 5 wt tip flex rod. Can anybody recommend a suitable WF floating line for it ? I used it for the first time yesterday and found it hard to load up the rod for short casts (reservoir dry fly fishing) the line was a Barrio 5 wt. My boat partner was...
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    Enigma EMG 3, 8 wt rod

    Enigma EMG 3 10ft 8wt Rod for sale. SOLD. 3 piece. Complete with original bag and tube. Very light use - maybe 5 days only. Excellent condition. Bought as single handed back up for a foreign trip. But I fished a DH rod all week so it didn’t get used. Revered as a top rod for big sea trout...
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    Loomis Cross Current GLX 8 weight for sale.

    For sale: Loomis Cross Current GLX 8 weight rod. Factory built. SOLD PENDING>>>>>>> 9ft, 4 piece. One of the best bonefishing rods ever made. For a review read the latest Yellowstone Angler 8 wt rod shootout. Rod still made by Loomis even after the NRX was launched - because the GLX is so...
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    GT Fly lines

    SOLD - PENDING THE USUAL. 2x GT fly lines for sale: 1x Rio GT WF 475g floating line (12 wt equivalent). Unused, but factory loops removed and replaced with 'Flycastaway' style (and approved) 50lb braided loops. 1x Airflo GT WF12 floating line. Lightly used but perfectly serviceable. Once...
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    10ft 8 weight choice ?

    I’m looking for recommendations for a 10ft 8wt rod, ideally 4 pieces. Would also consider 9ft 6”. It is for a friend and wil be used for coastal sea trout fishing in Denmark. So basically regular casting with floating or intermediate lines. It doesn’t need to be poker stiff like a Loomis...
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    Waterproof fly boxes ?

    I need a couple of waterproof fly boxes. Big enough to take saltwater flies up to size 1 and hold them securely. Small enough to be manageable. Say 6” by 4” ish..... Any recommendations please ? I have basic bulk storage boxes for the boat (home made) but now need a couple of small boxes for...
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    Barrio GT125 WF8 line wanted

    Does anybody have a Barrio GT125 WF8 line surplus to requirements? It is for casting practice - so doesn't have to be in mint condition. Mike B is away for the next 10 days - so while I wait..... Any offers please send me a PM. Thanks in advance.
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    Simms Flats Shirt for sale

    Simms Flats Style Shirt for sale. SOLD. Size medium with long sleeves and button-down collar. Fits me perfectly and I'm 6ft and just under 12 stone. Lovely soft green colour with faint darker green vertical stripe and a paler horizontal whitish/cream stripe. Very unobtrusive. Logo 'The...
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    Saltwater/switch reel for sale.

    Old Florida 7SA reel for sale. 4.25” diameter, large arbor, cork drag, draw bar design saltwater reel (same design as Tibor and Abel). Black anodised frame and spool. Some gravel rash to frame but mechanically perfect. Silent when line leaving spool and a check on retrieve. Set up for left...
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    Pike + saltwater 10wt rod question

    Any suggestions please for a 9ft, 10wt rod (ideally 4 piece) that will do double duty for heavy pike and medium saltwater fishing. Primary use will be casting pike flies on fast sinking lines. It needs to be a genuine 10wt, Rather than a 9wt. Budget is £300 absolute max. Obvious contenders...
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    Sage Z-Axis 8ft 6” 4 weight

    Sage Z-Axis 8ft 6”, 4 weight rod for sale. 4 piece, factory standard built rod. Supplied with Sage rod bag and Sage metal tube. Absolute classic, ideal river rod. Superb condition. A couple of marks on barrel of reel fitting and slight discolouration to cork, otherwise excellent. £265...
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    Atom Six Neutrino 10ft 5 weight

    Atom Six Neutrino 10ft 5 wt for sale. 4 piece medium-fast action, lovely rod with a multitude of applications. Only for sale through lack of use. Very good condition (apart from a small chip out of the bottom edge of the cork at the top end of the reel fitting). Slight discolouration to cork...
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    Terrible new from Mexico - Punta Allen.

    I have just found out that Manuel Chac who ran Casa Chac lodge in Punta Allen was killed last weekend. Allegedly he was murdered (shot in broad daylight) for refusing to pay protection money to the local cartel. Punta Allen has been a fixture on the Fly Odyssey lodge list for many years and...
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    Weighting heavy gauge hooks ?

    I need to tie a quantity of weighted flies on size 10 - 6, strong, micro barbed hooks and plan to use carp hooks. Can I purchase brass (and some tungsten) beads that have a wide enough bore to fit that sort of hook ? The biggest beads I have currently are 3mm and they have a very narrow...
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    Loomis NRX 9ft 7wt wanted

    A bit of a long shot.... Anybody out there have the above rod and be happy to move it on.... Would also consider a swap for a Sage SLT 8.5ft 4wt.
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    Wonderful customer service from Hatch reels

    I have a number of (UK purchased) Hatch reels that I use for saltwater fishing and very good they are too. Recently one of them developed a slight issue with a sticky handle (probably salt ingress). I couldn't free it - so I contacted Hatch HQ in The States for a solution. They told me that...
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    New Bloke saltwater blanks ?

    Has anybody here have any experience of the latest range of saltwater blanks that Mick Bell (Bloke rods) is selling? They are 4 piece, graphene impregnated (!?) and range all the way up to 12 and 13 weights. Currently he is selling them on ebay. I like the idea of another 12 wt and could...
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    Orvis reel case

    Orvis reel case for sale. Old style, circular reel case. 4 1/8" max internal diameter. Fur/foam lined and zip closure. Excellent condition. £12 including U.K. Delivery.
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    Orvis DXR 7/8 reel

    SOLD. Orvis DXR 7/8 reel for sale. Good quality, old style Orvis reel. Narrow arbor, 3.5 inch diameter. Decent drag, made by Lamson I think. Will take an 8 line and plenty of backing. Currently set for LH wind, can be easily altered to RH. Very good, almost unmarked condition. Orvis...
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    Century Stealth 12ft 9" Salmon Rod Wanted

    A long shot I know; Does anybody have a Century Stealth 12ft 9" double hander for sale or know where I might find a used one? It needs to be in decent condition please. I would post on Salmon Fishing Forums - but haven't generated enough posts on there yet. Please PM me with any...