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    Coldingham Loch
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    Coldingham Loch
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    At what age did you teach your kids to fly fish?

    Hi There, You could try a four hour session on a boat on a small loch with an electric engine. Get them to drive they will love it. A bug hunting session to start as suggested is a great idea. Motor out, anchor up and cast out for them and get them to retrieve and hopefully catch. Glasses...
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    Bulk fly drying powder

    Hi Andy, Helps a lot. I have used this for a few years now and it is great with CDC. I use an elastic band secured to my waistcoat to ping off the water after I have washed the fly. drying off flies with a rubber band – the limp cobra Then I brush it with this stuff and it comes up new...
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    Best tippet for competitions

    Hi There, Flouroflex Plus is not as thin as it says on the label. (I have measured it with a checked micrometer and trained as an engineer in another life. :-) Therefore it may not be as strong as it also says on the label. It is however expensive so that number is correct! Ordinary...
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    Czech Republic

    Hi Svante, Thanks or the information but one of my Czech Friends Lubos Roza will sort out my Licence and permits. Best Regards Robbie
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    Czech Republic

    Thanks Andy, I am heading out to the BRNO area so will avoid the crowds. I have fished the Valtava area a few times now so I am trying somewhere new. My friend Lubos lives there and assures me the fishing is great. Best Regards Robbie
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    Czech Republic

    Hi There, Just giving this a bump up. :-) I would be happy to give some free informal tuition during this trip and could probably arrange a days coaching from a World Champion if required. Best Regards Robbie
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    DIY Fishing trip to Austria

    Hi Lindsey, I could be up for that trip if there was a spare place. :-) Best Regards Robbie
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    Czech Republic

    Hi There, Anyone fancy a weeks River Fishing trip to the Czech Republic or perhaps another European destination. I am thinking of going in early June. Best Regards Robbie
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    Hi There, Has anyone fished in Estonia recently. I am thinking of going there in early June. Best Regards Robbie
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    A fly’s direction of travel...

    Hi There, This is mostly about variables. There are perhaps two givens. In a flat calm if you cast out with a floating line and a reasonable length of leader and do not retrieve at all the weighted fly will sink to the bottom. If you cast out again and immediately rip it back at warp speed...
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    Anyone fished coldingham loch before ?

    Hi There, I have probably fished Coldingham Loch 500 times over the years. The Loch is spring fed through limestone so is very rich in fauna and flora. Hatches can be prolific and as such you need to fish reasonably well to catch but if you get it right double figure returns are common. As...
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    Small transverse jig hooks ???

    Hi There, Even Barbed hooks come out when the fish are jumping or wildly gyrating. My theory is that some time in the fight the leader line is directly along the shank from eye to bend. Then with the rod in tension and the fish moving oppositely away the effect is the same as a Ketchum...
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    Coldingham Loch - advice

    Hi There, Some good information here. :-)
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    Three Rod Carrier for Bank Competitions.

    Hi There, Thanks for that. Our competitions are limited to three rods. I have made one my self from Plastic Pipe to hold the rods and some Stainless Steel to hold the pipes and bent to make the legs. I have used it six or eight times now and it is fine. Best Regards Robbie
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    Rio midge Tip

    Hi There, I have had 4 Rio Midge Tips over the last 4 seasons. It is a great line for me but they do not last and at around £60 that is not great value. The running line goes very dirty and hard and you cannot clean it as Jim says because if you examine it under magnification it is all...
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    Tenkara gear

    Hi There, Are you still looking? Best Regards Robbie
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    Three Rod Carrier for Bank Competitions.

    Hi There, I am looking to make a three fly rod carrier for fishing in Bank Competitions. I have seen a few around and wondered if anyone could post some photos to give me some ideas and to jog my memory. :-) Best Regards Robbie
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    Hi There, I think most places allow you to take 2 fish but I think most people are on C+R. I have photos but never learned how to put them on here. :confused: If anyone wants information I would be happy to swap e-mails. Best Regards Robbie