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    Coldingham Loch
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    Coldingham Loch
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    Czech Republic

    Hi There, Anyone fancy a weeks River Fishing trip to the Czech Republic or perhaps another European destination. I am thinking of going in early June. Best Regards Robbie
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    Hi There, Has anyone fished in Estonia recently. I am thinking of going there in early June. Best Regards Robbie
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    Three Rod Carrier for Bank Competitions.

    Hi There, I am looking to make a three fly rod carrier for fishing in Bank Competitions. I have seen a few around and wondered if anyone could post some photos to give me some ideas and to jog my memory. :-) Best Regards Robbie
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    Hi There, I am going to Montana for a fishing holiday in early September this year. Unfortunately my companion has had to drop out due to some severe problems with his new house. Anyone fancy joining me? More details are of course available. If you are interested give me a PM and we can go...
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    English River Final Date

    Hi There, Does anyone know where and when the English River Final takes place. I have spent the last 20 minutes looking for it but no Joy. :-) Best Regards Robbie
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    World Youths Championships

    Hi There, Here is a link to the Championships. 13th World Youth Fly Fishing Championship 2014 Any idea why England, Scotland and Wales are not represented? Well done to the Irish for sending a team. Best Regards robbie
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    Hardy Zenith

    Hi There. I have a Hardy Zenith Nine Feet Five Weight, Brand New and never been out of the Sock or Tube. It is an unwanted present. Was £549 now £329 Best Regards robbie
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    Grab a Bargain

    Hi There, It looks very much like we have sold our Fishing Tackle Business (Subject to Contract) It will be continuing as a going concern, very much business as usual. However in the meantime we need to reduce the amount of stock we have. All items originally priced at over £100 are reduced...
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    Litter Picking

    Hi There, I have a number of fly-fishing friends in Canada and the USA. One of their Competition Forums which I am a member of has come up with this idea. On Competitor controlled river competitions the angler whose turn it is to control carries a plastic bag with him and picks up a bit of...
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    Parachute Flies

    Hi There, This may be of interest. Best Regards robbie
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    TEFF Greys National Final Qualifier Chatton

    Hi There, This heat takes place on Sunday the 27th of May and there are individual and team places available. More details here. Bank | Team England Fly Fishing Please note that to comply with the final regulations and equality with other heats the following will apply. Only one fly when...
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    Coldingham Loch

    Hi There, I have been up to the Loch twice since it opened last Saturday. Fantastic fishing from the boat with good fish that probably average 2.5 lbs. I have caught on Lures, Buzzers, Nymphs and even a bung.... Probably half the time drifting and half at anchor. Nice new owners and still...
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    Loss of Trout Fishing on the Whiteadder.

    Hi There, The Whiteadder Angling Association appears to be losing much of their Trout Fishing Water or having Dry Fly Only restrictions placed on it. If you would like more information or would like to comment on this please follow this link. Dry Fly!!! - Whiteadder A. A. It may also be...
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    Results from Chatton Fishery

    Eddie Brown Memorial Competition Chatton Fishery in North Northumberland November 19th 2011 Position Name Points Fish 1st Jim Tuck 2 17 2nd Andy Richmond 5 11 3rd Trevor Wadds 6 10 4th Kyle Miller 7 10 5th Alan Morton 7 8 6th Lol Seddon 7 8 7th Robbie Bell 8 7 8th Ryan...
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    Free Fishing Day for Kids

    Hi There, :thumbs: Best Regards robbie
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    Free Fly Fishing for Kids

    Hi There, The Whiteadder (Duns) Angling Association is running a second Free Fly Fishing Day at the Whinney Loch on Saturday the 27th of August. This one is sponsored by the Berwick Angling Association and Game Fair. The day is open to youngsters between the ages of 10 and 16. No experience...
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    Fips Mouche

    Hi There, This is taken from another forum and maybe of interest to some. Best Regards robbie Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interesting read from Even the second attempt for ban of French nymphing not passed...
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    Canadian Fly Fishing Championships

    Hi There, This may be of interest. Canadian NFFC 2010 - Forum Best Regards robbie :)