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  1. icejohn

    Rod tip snap

    Basically don't think people have spare tips..just sat about. I would alway check the warantee and semi well known that it's a half price new rod most of the time hardy / greys offer. So option 1) get new replacement from hardy. Then sell it cut ur losses and buy a different brand with...
  2. icejohn

    What weight for rivers?

    You should be using the newest zero weight! Seriously though 10 ft 3wt is what I consider as the new standard and certainly, what I would recommend to anyone getting into river fishing. As rivers appear to be getting shallower... In the summer I don't need to fish 3 or 4 mm tungsten flies...
  3. icejohn

    overcharge me ,NO WAY

    Think if u register as a business ac then new items incur vat. As privately you could get a new birthday present headphones sell those on but the vat has already been paid. Ebay in line with the taxman monitor things..... So if u taking the mick expect a knock on the door.
  4. icejohn

    overcharge me ,NO WAY

    Definitely mistake but Phone customer services and ask them to explain. I have used ebay for years and normally should be 10% commission and...paypal fees which is alot.... Certainly more than you think it should be.
  5. icejohn

    Cork handle DIY filler mix

    Is it a waterproof glue as I had tite bond repair a guitar yet got wet the break came appart. I now use tite bond 3 and that water proof ish...
  6. icejohn

    Bead-headed nymphs banging against rods

    I have worked out a few golden rules for casting bead flies that I stick by. Have a big wide casting loop. So if you were (no rude jokes here please) standing behind me, and pictured a clock face the rod forward stroke would be somewhere between 12-11. The back stroke would be 10-9. You do get...
  7. icejohn

    Fulling mill flouo v2

    I know an England international uses the 7lb orginal for EVERYTHING. Drys the lot and swears by it. My personal experience of fulling mill is the slightly thicker diameter has a a better turn over when casting. Is cheap and reliable. Hope it's not gone. I don't use it all the time but I do...
  8. icejohn

    Cork handle DIY filler mix

    Guides and blanks have a pot of paste and Cork mix. Not cheap but always worked well for me.
  9. icejohn

    loon aquel

    Personally find its watery like you say and does the job. Only issue I found you tend to squirt too much out in one go and waste it. It does have a different consistency more liquid. I can't say I notice the oil thing. It does work for me. Some people claim the fly sites lower in the water...
  10. icejohn

    Dynaking...Great Service

    Very good to hear their great customer service.
  11. icejohn

    Taimen Kolyma Wading Jacket

    Aren't Taimen, a seller and create a brand, ie that just sells generic stuff made in China? With a brand label slapped on it? They sell other proper branded items as well granted. But their jackets look very similar to what u see in China trade catalogues.
  12. icejohn

    Stripped plastic coating - Fly Line

    This kinda thing has only happened to me on a very old Di 7 type line. Ie a line with a high tungsten powder content. If ur line is under two new years old, I would suggest it's faulty. Regardless of stepping on it no way 3-4 inch plastic should come off it. Unless a rod ring has worn down...
  13. icejohn

    WD-40 and (fly) fishing

    Don't spray on grease, eg gears. It will Intially seems nice and smooth but the grease will be removed in a very short space of time and no longer do it's job.
  14. icejohn

    You never know until you try!!

    Wow truely astounding. So small. I wander if the fish can see them jok. Please let us know if you catch on them. I always wandered what tippet to use and asked some guys. They go for one pound micro tippet the carp guys use. I personally think 6 lb is too heavy for these kind of flies.
  15. icejohn

    vivarelli fly reel

    Aye the European chaps do like them but maybe down to the type of water they fish. Think most people build up their gear to match their local conditions. The 2wt u mentioned perfect French leader or close accurate casts with small drys on light fly line. European comps normally held on big...
  16. icejohn

    vivarelli fly reel

  17. icejohn

    vivarelli fly reel

    2wt rod, well I would simply go for cheap light fly reel. You won't be casting far with it period. The trigger type reel is for a fly line 5-7 wt certainly for longer casts than the 2wt can do so you would be wasting your money. I am frankly amazed that anyone can recommend a fly reel over...
  18. icejohn

    vivarelli fly reel

    Hi they are not easily obtainable here in the UK. That said I do have one, so mini review pros and cons and my opinion how I use it . Overview Build quality good. Size is fine. Pros, pulls line back in fast. So good for two reasons. Moving quickly to another place on the river. In theory...
  19. icejohn

    Coloured indicator line

    Very hard to find but glow bright maxima usa have it, Pure brilliance :)
  20. icejohn

    Corrosion on reel seat on rod

    Generally speaking oxidation on aluminium does happen and like you said 20 years old. I would grease the threads throughly if u going for long term storage again as the grease will cut off the oxygen supply. Below Google says Aluminum doesn't contain iron or steel so it doesn't rust – but it...