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    Nothing to lose

    Many who read this will already be aware of the Angling Trust and what they stand for. For those that don’t, they want to be the voice of angling (all three main branches of the sport), and a strong right arm, here in the UK. Some will have heard of the successful prosecutions of polluters...
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    Read all about it; no fake news here

    The Wild Trout Trust auction is one way you can get onto first class fishing, and like today’s trip, it’s also how you can get yourself some prime time with an exceptionally knowledgeable guide! This particular Lot gave my buddy and I two day-rods on the River Yealm. This urgent, tumbling river...
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    Fly patch

    Hey Guys and Gals, My leather and sheepskin folding fly patch is like me, ... nearly bald! Can anyone recommend an alternative currently available? It’s a clip on, and has provided good service for the last twelve years or maybe more. I look forward to your suggestions,
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    The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, episode 56*

    A good number of Fluff Club members turned out today, John O’Gaunt has always been a popular venue. I was last to arrive, joining the Professor, the Admiral, Moneypenny, Foggy, Rodney, Threepio, Galilee and the Sailor! It was fantastic to see the Sailor again, still battling the big C, out with...
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    The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 55

    That horrible hiatus officially ended a few weeks ago, and the Fluff Club soon arranged a trip which I unfortunately had to miss, due to the impending arrival of another grandchild, the handsome Rufus. Water under the bridge now, but I made it to this one … and what a one it turned out to be...
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    I can't find any intel re the fishing at Chew since the Covid-19 restriction was lifted; Can anyone provide a fishing report since resumption?
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    Chew fishing reports?

    Before the cursed Covid-19, I recall that Bristol Water, or possibly Chew fishery itself, regularly posted fishing reports. I had a look earlier today, and there doesn't appear to be any now. Can anyone throw some light on this, and better still has anyone got any intel, since fishing resumed?
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    Airflo vest, mesh backed, integral fly patch, etc Now SOLD, sorry

    Safe everyone! I have an Airflo vest which has just too many pockets for my liking. I genuinely wore it fishing just once, and must have looked like I was fitting, trying to find the various tools, gismos, and boxes I had squirrelled away inside. I think I'll stick with my old Orvis one for a...
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    Still doin' the SI, still tinkering with me tackle! Next query ...

    More than half my reels have had leaders re-tied or new needle knotted leaders, so good progress. Next up will be clear (aka 'glass') intermediates, can I needle-knot them successfully or not, (as there is no core)? If not I'll have to stick with the braided loops, or maybe they can be secured...
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    Re an assortment of books, (posted March 4th)

    Had hoped a dealer or some such might want to make an offer for them, but no such luck, s-o-o-o-o-o anyone want to offer for any of them individually, or in twos and threes?
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    Sea anglers' coloured mono

    I daren't try the thread 'Understanding Mono', boy, has that one run and run! It was in the low hundreds the first time I looked at it, would take some reading now! In these straightened and trying times, one job I want to do while 'tackle tinkering' is remove the braided loop connectors on some...
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    The Continuing Adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 54

    (In which the names of the members are pseudonyms, so the appeal of the text is wider, encouraging more to read these accounts; everything else is factual) “Life is like measles, we all have to go through it” – Jerome K Jerome The Fluff Club hoards (or rather, the complete opposite) last...
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    Romsey Second-hand Fishing Tackle Fair

    Does anyone know if the above will be held on Sunday 29th March, following Angling Auctions' Sale on the 28th? Can't find anything about it, just the vintage and collectable auction details. Help!
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    Angling Auctions, 29/03/2020, Romsey … but is the Tackle Fair on?

    Angling Auctions will hold their Vintage and Collectables Sale on the 28th, Saturday, but unlike previous years I can't find any mention of whether the Second Hand Tackle Fair will be once again held on the following day, Sunday. Does anyone know, please?
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    Here's 2020 news about the Wessex branch of the FDG, based in Southampton

    The new web site is up and running! Join us for fly tying and fly fishing throughout the entire year! Contact details at Everyone welcome.
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    Some 2020 news about the Wessex branch of the FDG, (based in Southampton)

    Our new web site is up and running! Join us for Fly Tying and FLY FISHING. Contact details at
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    The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 53

    “Fly fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it” – Herbert Hoover Previous visits to John O’Gaunts Trout Fishery have been described in episodes 20, 23, 32, 35, & 47, guess what? Here we are again! Upon arrival we were greeted by a pair of honking Canada Geese...
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    Looking for a s/h boat seat with backrest

    As per the title, I don't fly fish from a boat often, but just enough to appreciate how much more comfortable a boat seat would be than my Stillwater boat cushion. Any offers?
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    The continuing adventures of the Fluff Club, Episode 52

    (… in which the names of the participants are pseudonyms, in an effort to be as inclusive to others as possible, an attempt to attain the widest readership. Everything else is factual.) “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of...