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    Orvis Battenkill 9/10.

    Made in England model, 9/10, excellent condition.Can send pictures. £100 posted or near offer. Ade.
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    Greys Streamflex mk 1

    Looking for the above in a 9 foot 5 wt if anyone is selling? Many thanks. Ade.
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    Airflo vest

    Anyone got an Airflo fly vest hanging around, not the backpack one. Thanks.
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    Line snips.

    Looking to get a good quality line snips but can’t bring myself to spend £50 on Simms ones- keep losing them- any recommendations, preferably with replaceable blades? Thanks
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    Simms vest

    Looking for a Guide or possibly a Freestone vest in medium if anyone’s selling. Thanks Ade
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    Wychwood River and Stream 10 ft 3 wt.

    Lovely condition in sock and tube, great dry/leader rod. £100 posted.
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    Loop Multi, 9 foot 5 wt, 4 piece.

    Rod as new with blank warranty. Lovely fast action larger river/ small still water rod, in sock/tube. £125 plus postage at cost.
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    LED Lenser H7R 2 headlight.

    Brand new in sealed box, adjustable brightness, excellent quality rechargeable headlamps. On LED website at £72. £45 posted. Thanks Ade.
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    Hardy FW DD "2

    Looking for the above if anyone's selling? Ta Ade.
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    8 foot 2 wt?

    Does anyone know of any 8 ft 2 wt's (or even 1 wt) rods ? Used to have an old Orvis Silver Label in a one wt years ago but not seen many in this size. Thanks.
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    How far?

    How far is it reasonable to think an Otter would carry a largish (3-4lb) fish from capture to consumption? Found a Carp on our river bank over the weekend and there's a small still water approx 300m away (over a field and road). Question is why would it do this and not eat at capture site? I...
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    Taimen gear.

    Does anyone know if Taimen gear is available in the UK? Or just through mail order. Liking the look of the wading boots but unsure of the sizes etc. Ta Ade.
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    Simms Freestone wading boots

    Simms Freestone boots with the Streamtread soles studded with Orvis Posi-grip Tungsten carbide studs. These are the new style Freestones in size 9, worn 4 times so in excellent condition...
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    Sight board

    Can anyone recommend a reasonable sight board to fit the Apex Anvil please? Also a good LED overhead lamp? Ta Ade.
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    Airflo Outlander vest/backpack
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    Softex head cement.

    Has anyone tried this for SWFF pattern heads? Are there any UK suppliers? The only ones I can find are US based. Thanks Ade.
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    Wychwood pack

    Looking for a Wychwood Gear Trap chest pack, pref the small one, but the short haul at a pinch. Many thanks. Ade.
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    Rio Outbound SW line.

    Looking for a vgc one in wf8f (salt water) if anyone has one to sell? Many thanks. Ade.
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    Flexi Stripper line tray.

    Long shot I know, but has anyone got on of the above they're not using? If not a rigid type one for SWFF use? Many thanks Ade.
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    Tenkara question.

    Thinking of trying this on a small stream this summer, question is- would a Hends Camou leader work on a Tenkara rod, or does it need to be a specific leader? Pardon my ignorance on this- never tried it before:D Ade.