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  1. icejohn

    When you caught the grand daddy of the stream or lake?

    Hi All just wandering if anyone else feels that a personal best for stream or lake is like winning the lotto. I recently was fishing a small stream and have done for years and the average size is 15-20cm grayling 28 cm being a good size one. Well I caught a 44 cm. Was absolutely thrilled...
  2. icejohn

    What is the best tubing for cutting foam blocks for boobies?

    What is the best tubing for cutting foam blocks for boobies? I have tried the car aerial and found it cut the foam in ragged cut. Tried thicker brass tubing found it compressed the foam too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. icejohn

    Partridge czech nymph hooks

    Hi All, I dont like using these hooks as general rule but for nostalgia sake i tie up a couple every year as like the woven polish type patterns So i bought some new one hooks in size 12 and the ones in the package i got sent do say 12 but are literally like a 3rd of the size of the ones i...
  4. icejohn

    OMG new orvis catalogue

    Hi All, Maybe its just me, but the new orvis catalogue got posted through the letter box and i had a quick look through it. OMG I couldnt find any fishing gear. Just a clothing catalogue. Think the ceo must be taking on the female audience using a fishing not sure how that works...
  5. icejohn

    No drys hatching on rivers. Is it down to temperature?

    Hi All had week in Exmoor recently and fished alot of rivers. Never found any hatches at all? Do rivers need colder temperatures for insects to hatch out or warmer? Just wandering how other people are finding things.?
  6. icejohn

    Best bung fly for river fishing wanted

    Hi All slightly unusual request but I am after the best bung fly. And no it cannot just be a huge orange thing of foam. Must at least catch fish when used! Must hold up 4mm tungsten bead weighed fly. Any pattern pics please post up.
  7. icejohn

    Tungsten flies out fished by unweighted flies!

    Hi All recently fishing a river in Wales on French leader and getting the odd fish every hour so things were slow. Saw another angler rock up and fish water I had already been through with floating line and well unweighted flies. He had 8 grayling in an hour. I couldn't believe it as have...
  8. icejohn

    Rod license fair or govt tool for funding?

    While I buy my rod license every year I just consider it a tax and no value for money personally. While I admit that any organisation and the environment agency claims to be one - that's looks out for anglers interests is to be admired. The revenue they raise must be millions more then they...
  9. icejohn

    Chalk stream fishing weed issue spooking

    Hi All recently was on a chalk stream and the weed growth was high ie only giving about 1ft of water above it. Now spotting fish was possible as in fish were behind objects but obviously can't go too deep becomes of the weed. Now the issue I have is french nymphing with small size 16 2mm...
  10. icejohn

    Tapatalk and pics

    Why does browsing the forum using tapatalk bring up nice fishing pic photos yet when you click the link or thread there is no pic? Does anyone else get this? Bloody annoying because some nice pics indicates a good thread.
  11. icejohn

    How to revive amadou

    Hi do you revive amadou as last year I got a nice new patch it was spongy and sucked water up like nobody's business. Now am guessing the weight of fly vest admitily has some...gear in it well the patch now looks flattened from winter and not sucking any more bit like the misses.
  12. icejohn

    When is a fishing gadget just too expensive?

    Hi guys when is a gadget just too expensive for what it is? There gadgets like abel nippers I couldn't fish without. At the time they were expensive but now think they are essential. But what about other pieces of gear reels are crazy expensive yet most 50 quid reels will last year's with...
  13. icejohn

    Fly needed copying

    For all the good fly tyers. I need a few mayfly copied from a pattern I found. Anyone up for a challenge looking for to pay quid a fly. Looking for 10. I will take a photo of the fly later but figured whoever replies first to this post gets the chance.
  14. icejohn

    Polish nymphs or regular type nymphs?

    Hi All, I recently had a thought why aren't Polish nymph patterns more mainstream?, and the conclusion I have is that they are too time consuming to tie. Regular nymph patterns are pinch of dubbing, tag and hackle job done in most cases. Historicly the poles invented the short line method...
  15. icejohn

    When tying a work of art fly just doesn't work?

    When tying a work of art fly just doesn't work? I have copied some natural insect and hackled up the fly which in my opinion looks the biz. But once back out on the water and cast it out( dry fly) in this case and ginked up,just had it sink on me. With this in mind is it always best to...
  16. icejohn

    When does a tied fly not matter that much if fish always take it chasing it from behind

    When does a tied fly not matter that much if fish always take it chasing it from behind. By this statment i mean in sea fly fishing a fish locks onto a fly and generally the fly is stripped back at pace. All the fish sees is the Ass of the trail of the fly before taking the fly which can only...
  17. icejohn

    Why do river fish take a fly in cold weather?

    As above guys. Recently fished in some really carrpy weather wind with sleet etc. And had it been a lake from experience would have expected the fish to asleep at the bottom like they do when it gets cold. Based on my observations of very clear small lakes. River water temp must be a somewhere...
  18. icejohn

    Uv dubbing not appearing to be uv!

    Hi all I recently bought some uv ice dubbing in green peacock. All my other uv orange dubbing glows nicely under uv light. The green doesn't or or I can't any noticeable glowing. What gives? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. icejohn

    When is old fishing gear better than the NEW stuff?

    HI All, Am thinking that i am happy with my old gear. My 7wt zero g works the same as the day i got it. My fly vice still holds a hook. In fact some of my old fly reels i sold i now have a hankering for. So when is old gear better in some cases than the newer stuff? I know the old bfr...
  20. icejohn

    IF only allowed 3 flies on the river for a day what would they be?

    Hi All, Given the rivers around my way are the same colour as the roads.... well nearly. What 3 flies would you take with on a days river fishing and list sizes please? I would take ptn gold head nymph, grey duster, and pink shrimp all in size 12.