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    Scierra SRX Competition Rod Review

    Great review Rob; well done. Interesting that the two 10ft 8wt SrX’s are on slightly different blanks. i have the standard Version 10ft 8 wt (no hideous silver graphics) and really rate it as a sunk line rod. It makes me smile how well it fires out a Di line. Another definite bargain at £99...
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    Beavers - benefits for your rivers and streams

    The guy who ‘introduced’ them down here did not have the correct permission when he put them into his enclosure. furthermore he then went on BBC tv and stated that once they had bred he would open the gates and let them roam free ! The powers that be did nothing..... A few years later an...
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    Beavers - benefits for your rivers and streams

    The agenda is a series of 'soft releases' in England to get the damn things re-established without the rigmarole of a full blown re-introduction programme and all the debate that that entails. Basically get beavers back out there through the back door. Come and see the impact they have had in...
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    Bewl water - any method?

    Fishing is also the only sport where your grandma has a realistic chance of holding a world record, even if she has never been fishing before. yesterday I caught 13 crucian carp In 2 hours from a lake that only contains about 20 of them (I stocked it). I have never caught one there on rod and...
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    Bewl water - any method?

    any type of fishing can be made as skilful as you want it to be. the phrase ‘10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish’ applies to all types of fishing. I know a few lure anglers who are much better technical anglers than most of the fly fishers that I see. in my spare time I run a coarse...
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    Bewl water - any method?

    I like fly fishing and lure fishing and bait fishing. I also like fly fishing on the drift and anchoring when I want to fish to a particular feature. If any of the above are within the rules of the fishery at a particular time then other anglers have no right to criticise me or others who...
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    Orvis Helios 2; line recommendations ?

    Thanks chaps, much appreciated the suggestions.
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    Storing rods in the attic

    Some of my rods are in the loft. Only issue has been mice eating cordura rod tubes.
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    Chew updates

    I fished There 10 days ago. windy day with mixed weather. Fish just under the surface in tight groups. Lots caught in Stratford and I hooked 4 in 20 minutes between the island and East Shore before I moved to stop catching them.
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    Perch on the fly (outside large reservoirs)

    I catch small perch by accident on bright coloured blobs (on the rare occasions that I use them) on the Reservoirs. Small snakelets catch them too. bigger ones (some very big) have been caught by design on small flies constructed from rubber jigs and also larger snakes. good old Steve Parton...
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    Orvis Helios 2; line recommendations ?

    Thanks for the suggestion. a bit more research since the original post suggests that the tip was beefed up after too many breakages on the original Helios ?? several of the reviews I have just read suggest the ‘2’ version needs to be overlined a bit.... I bought the rod as a more forgiving 5...
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    Orvis Helios 2; line recommendations ?

    I have recently acquired an Orvis Helios 2 9ft 5 wt tip flex rod. Can anybody recommend a suitable WF floating line for it ? I used it for the first time yesterday and found it hard to load up the rod for short casts (reservoir dry fly fishing) the line was a Barrio 5 wt. My boat partner was...
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    Bonefish memories

    I first read about bonefish when I was 13. In a lovely book called ‘Fisherman’ by Antony Pearson. I set my heart on catching one. I finally got to go saltwater fly fishing when I was 35. It was worth the wait and now I’m addicted. not sure when we will be able to get back to it............
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    Difference between a fisherman and a good fisherman

    Also fish for other fish. it amazing what Knowledge you can transfer from one type of fishing to another.
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    Difference between a fisherman and a good fisherman

    Be technically competent. Be flexible, observant and have an analytical approach to be able to spot what is actually going on; fast. Do not be a ‘patient’ fisherman. Make something happen.
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    News at 1pm today said that (Welsh) accommodation will be allowed to open after about July 12th. .
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    Enigma EMG 3, 8 wt rod

    Enigma EMG 3 10ft 8wt Rod for sale. SOLD. 3 piece. Complete with original bag and tube. Very light use - maybe 5 days only. Excellent condition. Bought as single handed back up for a foreign trip. But I fished a DH rod all week so it didn’t get used. Revered as a top rod for big sea trout...
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    Salmon and Trout in the Thames

    I bow to your superior knowledge Bob. but I contend that the salmon project didnt work and was probably doomed to fail before it was started. That was the considered view of the angling and Fisheries reps on the RFERAC at that time. Do you remember Mark Hatcher ? without going thru 2 filing...
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    Salmon and Trout in the Thames

    A guy called Paul Boote (of ‘somewhere down the crazy river’ fame) fished seriously for Thames trout a while back. Probably in the 90’s. I think he did catch a few - but was understandably coy about where and how big. i caught 3 trout around 3lb one winter when night fishing for big chub above...
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    Exactly as above. no boats available.