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  1. inishmackjames

    Here they come - at last.

    Didn't think that I would ever see this again, a sight for sore eyes. Anybody care to guess what river this is ? Whoops! no photo, I'm working on it.
  2. inishmackjames

    Classified Adds.

    Have a look at the thread "Engineers Tool/Flytying Chest" in the Fly Tying Materials, Tools etc. forum to see a fine example of the bad manners being displayed by some of the members on here and the disrespect being shown to a fellow member, it's disgraceful. I think any form of commentary...
  3. inishmackjames

    "It's an Ill Wind that Blows Nobody Good"

    Just thinking about all those salmon farm cages blowing around in recent days, I wonder can we expect a huge run of early spring fish to start appearing in our rivers soon :whistle:. On a serious note, just imagine the damage that would have been done to the proposed mega salmon farm in Galway...
  4. inishmackjames

    Laksen Live

    Anybody watching the Laksen Live cameras at the moment? Some nice big looking trout on one camera and I think a salmon digging a redd on an other camera.