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  1. campsiefisher

    100 plus CDC emergers, yellow owls etc

    ** NOW SOLD *** Moving over to completely barbless so have over 100 cdc emergers from Yellow owls to owl variants, midge to uv throat root beer emergers etc.. (see pics) £25 posted just to get them to someone who'll use them, good fish takers, used, some possibly not, these are not shop bought...
  2. campsiefisher

    I need some hooks

    Anyone know of a .uk stockist for Hanak H500 BL Barbless hooks, in size #14 and #16 ? Thanks. Best regards Jim
  3. campsiefisher

    Nice wee brownie

    One of the guys in our club, had this one today, on our outing to Glencorse Reservoir (amongst a few nice rainbows), quick pic and safely returned. Guess the weight game, if you like. ;) Best regards Jim
  4. campsiefisher

    Wanted: Airflo fast glass wanted 6/7 weight

    *** Now Sorted .. cheers *** Looking for above line, if anyone has one. Best regards Jim
  5. campsiefisher

    John Norris midge tip wf7

    ** SOLD ** John Norris P3 midge tip line (3foot midge tip) WF #7 new. Bought in error (wrong size, i thought i had picked up a six) :omg: I have fitted a greys loop to it, before i realised it was a 7 weight, but it's never been used. Best regards Jim
  6. campsiefisher

    Di5 and/or Di7 WF6 wanted

    *** Now Sorted Thanks *** Looking for a Di5 and/or Di7 WF6 fly line(s) or similar fast sinker(s) Best regards Jim
  7. campsiefisher

    Better weather for fishing

    What a difference a bit of warmth makes for fishing, i was out on the lake of menteith two weeks ago, hardly a fish showing, and it was bitter cold, i lasted until lunch time, and thought b*gger this for a game of soldiers. Today the temperature rose to 12 degrees, i was back on the Lake plenty...
  8. campsiefisher

    The North Face Waterproof Jacket Size Medium

    *** SOLD *** Hardly used condition, genuine north face waterproof (as you can see by the hologram pic) mens waterproof jacket. A sort of Slate grey in colour, with green zips and pull strings, more a lightweight all year jacket, so perfect for most fishing bank/boat. Two Zip pockets to the...
  9. campsiefisher

    The North Face Gore-Tex Jacket Size Large

    Tidy little used condition genuine (as you can see by the hologram pic) mens outdoor wear, bought from The North Face store. A sort of Brown in colour, Gore-Tex jacket, not a heavy winter jacket, more an all round all year jacket, so perfect for most fishing bank/boat. Three Zip pockets to the...
  10. campsiefisher

    Orvis shop kelso

    Dropped into Kelso today to buy something for lunch, we had seen the orvis shop on our previous visits to Kelso, as we'd been working down that way at the borders for a few weeks. So decided today to have a quick look in at the stock. Now bear in mind this was during our lunch break and...
  11. campsiefisher

    Waterproof Overtrousers

    SOLD !! Mountain Warehouse Extreme Isodry 10000/ Breathable 5000 Found these recently and they have never been worn (too big for me). I also have too many overtrousers. The label shows XL but i'm fairly confident they will also fit an L (as they have elasticated drawstring waist), half side...
  12. campsiefisher

    Scientific Anglers Wet Cel I Kelly Green

    Probably a question for the more mature *cough* anglers amongst us Has anyone got or ever used the Scientific Anglers Wet Cel I SSI, the one that sinks slower (0.75 - 1.25 IPs) than the Kelly Green (1.25 - 1.75 IPs). If so is/was it a good line to use, i'm kinda loathe to open/use it if i...
  13. campsiefisher

    Where are all the 2 piece rods ?

    I have always had a preference for two piece rods, even though it's highly likely that four piece rods are easier for manufacturers to make and transport, and more convenient for anglers in transporting (fit in a suitcase/rucksack/small car boot). I've even had the same model of rod in a 9ft #6...
  14. campsiefisher

    One fly too many

    Just noticed this little chap, after an evening session on the Lake of Menteith Wedged in the headlight of my van, (batmobile) if only he hadn't chased that big sedge eh ? :) Best regards Jim
  15. campsiefisher

    North Face summit series jacket

    *** SOLD *** Genuine Mens XXL Alpine Project, North Face Summit Series Jacket in black, bought from the North face store in Glasgow so none of your fake nonsense that gets sold on ebay. These are seriously light jackets that keep you totally dry while fishing (well while doing anything...
  16. campsiefisher

    Some flies for a newbie/youngster

    Now gone !! Thinning out my fly boxes, so some surplus free to a newbie/youngster, just PM me if you could use them. Best regards Jim
  17. campsiefisher

    Furled leaders tapered leaders swap for w h y

    *** NOW GONE *** Furled leaders and tapered leaders. Bought these a while ago, and actually just found them, (so new and unused) i must have ordered others, so they are excess to my requirements, as they wont be used. 5 off 5ft Furled Leaders, (made i believe by Mr Trout) 2 off Clear Mono...
  18. campsiefisher

    If it wasn't for blinds it would be curtains for all of us

    *** NOW GONE *** Title caught your attention huh ? :D :D :D Thinning out some of my fly boxes, and have a surplus of mostly unused stillwater flies, mostly buzzers, some cormorants, dries, probably 100 or thereabouts, free to a ...... I'd prefer these to go to someone teaching youths, or a...
  19. campsiefisher

    Sage XP-696-4 For Sale

    *** SOLD *** I'll regret this i know, as i have previously said i would never sell this :omg: but to be honest it's not getting used, and rather than let it gather dust, at the back of my fishing cupboard, i thought i'd give someone a chance to own (imho, and countless others too) one of the...
  20. campsiefisher

    Sage 3300D fly reel and spare spool

    ** SOLD ** As stated Sage 3300D fly reel black with spare silver spool, i use my fly reels, not keep them in glass cases, so if you're after a brand new reel, (this isn't the boy for you), so expect some gravel rash and signs of use, it is however in perfect working order, has a sealed disc...