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  1. baca157

    Green Highlander

    Had this sitting in the vice unfinished for almost a month. Tyer’s block, I think. My third attempt at this fly, Pryce-Tannatt version again. Tied on 5/0 so quite big for me and not entirely sure I got the proportions right. Seems a bit too slick for such a monster hook. Anyhow, here it is...
  2. baca157

    Pearsall’s Gossamer colour ID

    Hi all, Could you please help me identify the colour numbers for these Pearsall’s silks? Cheers, Sebastian
  3. baca157


    My second attempt at Gordon, this time it’s Pryce-Tannatt version. Tied on Partridge Pryce-Tannatt hook at 3/0. Dressing in the background (well, bits of it anyway). Underwing is a tad too long but otherwise I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Sebastian
  4. baca157

    Mar Lodge

    Thought I’ll tie something simple for a change:LOL:. This is Pryce-Tannatt version minus the Cinnamon Turkey as I have none. Tied on a 1/0 hook of unknown provenance. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Sebastian
  5. baca157

    Jock Scott (Pryce-Tannatt)

    My first attempt at this iconic fly. Now I understand why it is considered one of the most difficult patterns to tie. There was a lot of cursing involved in making this one. The underwing could have been shorter (or the wing longer), my “toucan” weillings decided not to play ball and went all...
  6. baca157

    Pearsall’s thread sub?

    Came across this company when looking for silk floss for salmon flies. I notice that they produce what looks pretty similar to Pearsall’s threads. They have a separate section for fishing colours. All produced in the UK. I ordered some floss and if it‘s good may try the tread next (y)...
  7. baca157

    Stockpiling flytying materials

    How many of you have been stockpiling flytying materials? I just contacted a well known supplier of game feathers to get a few usual bits and bobs and got a reply that most of it is not available:mad: First they came for the bog roll, then the soap quickly followed by all the food and now fly...
  8. baca157

    Winterton (Wingman)

    First fly since early Feb so a bit rusty but quite pleased with it. Finally getting the hang of the winging technique. Tail could have been a bit lower and that topping could have been tighter against the wing but hey ho - can’t win them all:cool: Not sure who’s version it is but since I...
  9. baca157

    Looking for someone who could dye some feathers

    Hi all, I have 10 pairs of white turkey tail feathers which I would like to dye yellow, red and blue. Sadly, I don’t have the skill to do that. I know that there are some really skilled dyers in here so I wonder if someone would accept a wee custom order from me? Cheers, Sebastian
  10. baca157

    Feather ID

    I got these two little wings sent to me by someone but I have no idea what they are. Can anyone help to ID the bird?
  11. baca157

    Black Dog (Kelson)

    I wanted to have a go at this fly since I started tying classics last year. Have to say that it almost broke me but I got there in the end:thumbs:. Not entirely happy with the head as it should have been closer to the hook, the toppings could have been hugging the wing better and the hackle...
  12. baca157

    Durham Ranger

    Wanted to tie this one for quite some time. Not sure who’s dressing this is as I got it from the files kindly sent to me by Mark last year. I didn’t have any badger cock dyed yellow for the hackle so used yellow instead. Tied on a 4/0 Partridge Pryce-Tannatt hook. Dressing: Tag: Small...
  13. baca157

    Orange Parson

    My first attempt at a Tippet wing fly. Tried to do a shorter throat this time as I tend to tie them too long. Think I went a bit too far though and it looks a bit out of proportion. From one extreme to another:omg: Apart from this small mishap, quite pleased with it. Also, no herl butt so...
  14. baca157

    Green Highlander

    My second Green Highlander. This time Pryce-Tannat version, size 3/0. Not the greatest effort, almost every aspect of it could have been better but, on a positive note, the wing went on at the first attempt:thumbs:. Dressing: Tag: Silver tinsel Tail: A topping and barred Summer Duck Butt...
  15. baca157

    A few woven nymphs

    My mates in Poland have been nagging me to tie them some of these for ages so finally decided to have a go. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Sebastian
  16. baca157

    Claret Parson

    Another pattern from Essential Kelson book. No underwing on this dressing so I struggled a lot with the wing. I find it much harder to mount the wing without the tippet underwing. Thankfully no expensive feathers in the wing, so it didn’t cost me too much in wasted materials:whistle: Tied on...
  17. baca157


    Another pattern from Essential Kelson book. He lists two dressings for this fly, this one is by William Brown. It is has an unusual underwing consisting of a single tippet feather backed with a GP sword feather. This is the first time I came across something like this so had to give it a...
  18. baca157

    Pearl (Salmon fly)

    Could only post three photos in one post so adding this one separately. This is the most difficult pattern I tried so far, and probably “a bridge too far” with my current skill level. It almost defeated me and I ended up taking 6 weeks off from tying half way through tying this fly. Anyhow...
  19. baca157

    Few more salmon flies

    Tied these back in August but my in-house photographer is short on time so couldn’t do the photos:ohno:. Eventually tried using my phone so quality no as good as previously. Still struggling with winging technique but I will get there one day! All three are from Kelson (working my way through...
  20. baca157

    A few tungsten nymphs

    Tied these for a friend.