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  1. Capeldrae

    Slot foam fly case

    Looking to purchase these second hand or if you know anywhere I can purchase them.
  2. Capeldrae

    Dry fly rod for Small Stillwaters

    There is a thread just kicked of for rivers but what do you use for Small Stillwaters ? My prefered rod is the Loop Yellowline 8'2'' #3
  3. Capeldrae

    Cortland Sylk

    I've got a Cortland Sylk WF3 that I would like to swap for a Cortland Sylk WF7.
  4. Capeldrae

    Airflo Polyfuse v 40+ v Sixth Sense

    Looking to buy a couple of inters for the forth coming season for the #8 outfit I'm putting together. I have bought a couple of floaters one with a long head and one with a short head. I've also bought 40+ lines in di3.5 and 7. The Polyfuse 40+ in slow and fast inter are on sale for $22.50 but...
  5. Capeldrae

    Danielsson fly rods

    Recently purchased this rod on ebay anybody got any information about it?
  6. Capeldrae

    Loop AEG #5

    Anybody got a broken one looking for the middle section?
  7. Capeldrae

    Snowbee Thistledown

    I have a Snowbee thistledown #2-5, which I like very much but the running line has a little memory and has to be stretched before every use. Does anyone know if they brought out a mark 2 and if so did they address this fault?
  8. Capeldrae

    Hardy floating lines.

    Anyone got any experience fishing with these interested to know if they lie straight and float high ? I'm interested in the compact rocket taper.
  9. Capeldrae

    Merry Christmas thread

    Merry Christmas everybody.
  10. Capeldrae

    Airflo 40+

    Anybody got a link to line profile that includes the head weight ?
  11. Capeldrae

    Loop AEG 590 spare part

    Oooops broke mid section of my Loop AEG590-3 anyone done the same and got this section they would sell me?
  12. Capeldrae

    Wanted Loop opti-creek

    Any body got a Loop opti-creek 8'8'' #3 they fancy moving on PM me.
  13. Capeldrae

    Wanted Patagonia Sling

    Wanted Patagonia Vest Front Sling. If you have bought one but don't like it give me a shout. If you know where I can buy one cheaper than £70 [G.A.C.] give me a shout.
  14. Capeldrae

    nylon diameter

    Has anyone got a link to a chart for nylon diameter in milliemeters to hook size?
  15. Capeldrae

    Wanted Lochmor SLA 7/8 Spools

    As the title says looking for spare spools for a Lochmor SLA #7/8 Looking for second hand.
  16. Capeldrae

    Tablet for Magazines

    My limited knowledge of modern technology could probably be written on a postage stamp so threfore I seek your advice. I am looking to buy a tablet in the Christmas sales for the purpose of reading magazines. The ipad I am afraid is out of my budget of about £100 and it must have a large...
  17. Capeldrae

    Loop Opti-coast

    Thinking about buying one as I want a 6 weight for windy conditions. Can't try before I buy but I am a big fan of loop rods. Anyone got one and whats you opinions?
  18. Capeldrae

    Wychwood double rod reel carrier

    I was hoping someone can tell me if the 78cm one takes a nine and a half foot, four section rod. My rod sections measure 76cm and I thought it may be a tight fit.
  19. Capeldrae

    ID this beetle?

    That didn't quite work how I expected it to.
  20. Capeldrae

    line identification

    Looking for some help to id this line. I bought it of ebay the seller said it was a Loop opti stream WF5F, but as you can see it's olive instead of orange the head weight and length matches the sizes on the Loop web site. The seller told me he bought this line in Switzerland.