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  1. kevin55

    Sage Graphite 111 590 RPL, 2 piece, 2 7/8oz, £225 posted

    A lightly used rod bought by me new when in Boston in 1997 via an 'etailer' on the cusp of the internet. My sister-in-law posted a US cheque and I got this when she came over as the rod hadn't arrived by the time I left. Unmarked with original bag and tube I use my Grey's Streamflex all the...
  2. kevin55

    Rawson Glass Rod

    Bought on a whim off eBay - I'd tried a friend's Hardy Test and liked it, but wanted something a bit dfferent Rawson rather than Rawson & Perrin, the word Rawson on the butt is hand scribbled rather than the usual logo block, I don't know why (early Rawson rod?) I'm not sure if it's S glass or E...
  3. kevin55

    Angling Trust tweet about fishing and golf opening up

    They've tweeted about an article in today's Telegraph
  4. kevin55

    Click and pawl reel - new spring

    Hi everyone and good morning Is there a source for spares other than the manufacturer? My Greys G1 has a broken spring It's the sort of thing a gun repair place might make but the last spring I had repaired on a shotgun cost over £100 Thanks Kevin
  5. kevin55

    Czech republic

    Hi All It seems a state license possibly with a test is needed, then a permit Most Google entries seem to direct to guided fishing; is there an easy way to find information for non-guided fishing? K