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  1. devondabbler

    Swap, Hardy 'The Brook'

    I have a mint Hardy 'Brook' Glass fly rod. This rod is a 6'0" #3 two piece which I would consider swapping. Although this rod is probably one of the nicest rods I own, it's just not being used which is a shame. Classic Styling and aesthetics, Lovely dark green blank , manufactured from...
  2. devondabbler

    July 2020 caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    I can't believe that fish came inside my screen, breaking all of the social distancing rules!! ×
  3. devondabbler

    Ultimate glass outfit

    That 68 looks great. I haven't seen a bad review for this rod either - Very nice Sean. Paul
  4. devondabbler

    Advice please on Wading Boots

    Thanks WF and Jon - Snowbee's definitely off the list then!! It looks like I'll be probably going for Orvis then and hopefully they will last me more than a season!! It's now a case of which of their boots. Paul
  5. devondabbler

    Advice please on Wading Boots

    Thanks Boisker useful info and good to hear from you. Paul
  6. devondabbler

    Advice please on Wading Boots

    Thanks Steven and Scott - Any advice is appreciated. I know that Crediton Fly Tackle don't stock Simms so I might have a problem with going down that route - but useful information for the future. Any boot that lasts over 4 seasons is well worth having!! Steven, I have also kept a record of...
  7. devondabbler

    Advice please on Wading Boots

    I think I probably put this thread in the wrong section, so I've just copied and pasted it here!!! I replaced my Vision Loika's a couple of months ago with a pair of Vision Sprinter Gummi's. I have probably used them on about 5 occasions, and I have the same issue as with the Loika's the soles...
  8. devondabbler

    Time for new 9ft 6 6 wt

    My go to 9'6" #6 rod is a Sage Method - Fantastic rod puts out a great line - Like the Sage One, mentioned above, it may be too fast for your needs but I haven't had a problem with bumping fish off due to it's action. Paul
  9. devondabbler

    Sage SP/SLT Rods

    Agree - Method or X in a 6# - good replacement for XP In a 4# then Hardy Zephrus, Scott Radian, NRX LP and the X in a 4# is also a nice rod. Lot's of choice!!! Paul
  10. devondabbler

    Sage SP/SLT Rods

    I have a Sage Method in 9'6" #6 as well as an X 9'6" #7 and I like the Method so much that if I take both rods reservoir fishing, often the X stays in the tube!! I would recommend the Sage Method as a good replacement for an XP Paul
  11. devondabbler

    Wanted Patagonia Hybrid Vest Pack

    Still looking - If no one has one up for grabs then does anyone know where I might get hold of a new one? (L/XL) The problem seems to be that Patagonia were one of the first companies to shut down with the Covid situation and so stock is really hard to source now. Please PM me if you know where...
  12. devondabbler

    8’4” #3 or #4 rod wanted

    If you can find one the Sage Little One 8'2" #4 is an amazing rod - does it all - drys, nymphs, streamers. Paul
  13. devondabbler

    Wanted Patagonia Hybrid Vest Pack

    In case of any confusion over which Vest Pack I'm after - it's this one: Paul
  14. devondabbler

    Sub 7' Rod

    Fully agree with Onnylad, Scierra make some good rods - I have the 7'6" #3 Symbiosis and it is great value for the money. Paul
  15. devondabbler

    Wanted Patagonia Hybrid Vest Pack

    Bit of a long shot, but I'm after a Patagonia Hybrid Vest Pack in a L/XL size. Must be in vgc. Pm me if you have one you wish to part with? Cheers, Paul
  16. devondabbler

    SOLD Airflo Outlander Fly Vest BNWT

    As above, this vest is brand new with tags so in mint condition. Lot's of photo's and positive reviews on-line but happy to pm photo's if required. £30 posted Paul.
  17. devondabbler

    SOLD Airflo Outlander Fishing Vest / Backpack

    Having a bit of a clear out now we can get out and go fishing again, First up is my Airflo Outlander Fishing Vest / Backpack . This item is in great condition, I have only worn it on a couple of occasions, as I prefer using a vest. This is a really robust bit of kit and ideal for a days fishing...
  18. devondabbler

    Wanted Sling Pack

    I want to buy a good quality sling pack, such as Simms, Fishpond, Umpqua, Orvis etc. pm me if you have anything suitable you wish to part with. Paul
  19. devondabbler


    By the way, I contacted Maxcatch by email yesterday and they are still operating but due to the current health crisis shipping is taking much longer than usual. Paul
  20. devondabbler


    Thanks Noel, I hope you are keeping well. All we can do at the moment is armchair fishing!!! I have been casting a few rods / lines in the garden though. I must admit that the Maxcatch 'Gold' is up there with most of the Rio's / Sage lines IMO. Paul