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  1. stevie d

    Kopter scissors.

    Seeing more of these on other sites. Are they up to the hype? Or should I stick with my Dr Slicks?.
  2. stevie d

    Overhang, how much is too much?

    Just wondering if there is a set or optimal amount of line that should be used for this. There must be a point where too much overhang will cause problems with the cast collapsing so I was wonder g if there is an optimum beyond which point it is not worth going. Would this vary between casters...
  3. stevie d

    J Flint reel.

    Are there any collectors of reels by J Flint? My late dad was a bit of a magpie and I have inherited some old brass reels but they are mostly unbranded apart from a 4 inch example which is marked J Flint maker Dublin. Not a name that I have heard of.
  4. stevie d

    SOLD! Costa Zane 580 Sunrise.

    Selling a pair of Costa Del Mar Zane sunglasses. They have 580p Sunrise lenses and Realtree camo frames. Brilliant low/poor light lenses. No marks on lenses or frames. Recently upgraded to a pair with glass/mirror lenses so no longer needed. Looking for £40 and this will include Royal Mail...
  5. stevie d

    ospreys winter grayling tickets

    Do the Ospreys still offer a winter grayling ticket? This option is not on their website any longer. If so where is the best place to get one? Used to pick one up at Harvey Angling who are sadly no longer there. Thanks Steve.
  6. stevie d

    Waders leg length question.

    The time has come to retire my current breathable chesties(Simms L2). I have had these for ages and they have given excellent service. One of the main reasons I got these was because I have short(corgi) legs!. I have been looking at a few possible replacement options but some of these do not...
  7. stevie d

    Scandi/ Skagit on a single hander?

    I have been toying with the notion of using one of these type heads on my9 foot 10weight pike fly rod. Would it be possible to overhead cast one of these lines on a single hander?. I am currently using a pike fly line with a head length of around 29/30 feet, and even this length of head is...
  8. stevie d

    Pike takes

    I am having some trouble detecting when pike have taken my fly. I have lost more than I have landed simply because I did not realise that the fish had engulfed my fly. I am not getting arm wrenching takes but I think the pike are following and then inhaling the fly from behind. I was fishing the...
  9. stevie d

    Fish Masks

    I was watching a vid on youtube recently of a guy tying a Pike fly and he finished it off with a fish mask. He made a point of showing that the mask was a new version and that it was made from a clear and soft material and showed this by squeezing it between his finger and thumb. Does an one...
  10. stevie d

    Vision Sub Zero waders.

    I have for sale a pair of Vision Sub Zero 5mm neoprene stockingfoot waders. They have been worn about 3/4 times max for floattubing but the local club that allowed the use of tubes put their prices up ,so I sold the tube etc. Now that the weather is cooling down maybe someone will be able to use...
  11. stevie d

    Skinny Pike

    Got my third ever pike last weekend and my best so far, however this fish was very lean is this normal? The net at its widest is 30 inches so the fish was a reasonable length. Steve.
  12. stevie d

    Well done Caerphilly Borough Council!!

    In an historic meeting at their council offices yesterday the above named local authority stood up to the money men and rejected an application for an open cast mine near to where I live. As well as spoiling an area of natural beauty this undertaking would also have partially filled in Rhos Las...
  13. stevie d

    Sharpening hooks

    What is the best method for keeping the hooks on my my pike flies sharp. Sometimes during retrieves they get caught up in rocks in the margins and this blunts the hook points a bit.I got myself a hook sharpener(one of the ones that looks like a file with grooves in) and watched a few youtube...
  14. stevie d

    Fully Waterproof?

    What is the forum members opinion on the term "fully waterproof"?. I got a fleece jacket in May (Fishtec Hydrotec Softshell) and thought it was an excellent buy for £30. It was fine up until a few weeks ago when I was fishing in the rain and it let water in through most of the seams(arms, chest...
  15. stevie d

    A pike at last!

    Hi guys and gals I got a pike fly outfit last Christmas and have been trying to catch a p ike on the fly since then. I knew the winter fishing at Pontsticill reservoir would be hard( I only saw 1 pike caught on a deadbait) and the regulars I spoke to said I would be up against it. MTAA who...
  16. stevie d

    best glue for sticking eyes onto pike streamers

    What is the best glue for the job of sticking eyes on pike flies? I have tried the superglue gel but still they don't stay put. The lakes I fish for pike have lots of rocks in the margins and the flies often graze/bump and get caught up in these places and often return minus one or sometimes...
  17. stevie d

    Pike rattles

    Curious to know what the experienced(and not so experienced like myself)pike fly fishers think about adding rattles to pike flies. Do you guys think that they work? and on a tuff day could they make the difference between catching and blanking? Steve.
  18. stevie d

    Vision subzero waders

    As I no longer fish from a float tube I have for sale a pair of Vision Subzero stockingfoot waders. Only worn 3 or 4 times and are like new. They are a medium size 38/42 inch chest 31/33 inch inseam and size 6/9 booties. These retail for £139 and I would like £65 posted for them.
  19. stevie d

    popper heads

    Can anyone tell me where I can get large popper heads ? The ones I have found seem to be in the 15 to20 mm size range. I want to tie large poppers for pike fly fishing. cheers. Steve.
  20. stevie d

    coloured water pike flies

    I recently started trying for pike on the fly at a local club reservoir. Not had any success yet but I will keep trying.! I've noticed that the lake is quite often coloured, the bank is a reddish brown/peaty colour and the water often has a tinge of this colour in it . As well as pike there are...