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  1. FlyTek Fly Fishing

    Bulk fly drying powder

    Hi All, FlyTek are pleased now to be able to now offer a bulk pack of fumed silica powder (you know, that amphibians bottom type stuff!) for drying your flies, especially CdC, at a seriously affordable price. The pack contains at least 30 small bottles worth of powder and makes refilling them...
  2. FlyTek Fly Fishing

    FlyTek Black Friday Vice Bargains

    FlyTek Vice Bargains We spent yesterday morning checking over our stock of vices and found one or two with minor cosmetic issues - they work perfectly as designed but if you'd paid our usual retail price for them you might well be disappointed when you opened the box. All are sold as described...
  3. FlyTek Fly Fishing

    'Pro Teams' - what's that about then?

    No idea but they are everywhere, is anyone actually bothered/impressed? Dave (FlyTek Pro Team) :D
  4. FlyTek Fly Fishing

    FlyTek Fly Fishing

    Welcome to the new era of FlyTek! I'm Dave Beddows and I am the new boss of the shop. Before you get worried Pat Stevens is still very much involved with FlyTek as technical advisor, is still available for technical advice over the phone and he will still be there to sell you things at all the...