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  1. Scotty90

    Chartreuse and white baitfish

    One for the salt Owner 5177-071 #4 hook White EP Chartreuse Metz soft hackle Red epoxy eyes Fly is 70mm long.
  2. Scotty90

    Which Rio line for Sage X?

    Scientific anglers make orvis lines, not sure if rio made them previously but I don't think so.
  3. Scotty90

    Which Rio line for Sage X?

    Guide fly fishing recommend a rio gold. They are the uk sage reps. I’ve had the 490, 590, 690, 790, 796, 696 and I tried a lot of lines with them. SA MPX is good as is Rio intouch gold but I liked a Rio perception on them. My favourite floater that I’ve found ever is an Orvis access...
  4. Scotty90

    Dynaking...Great Service

    Dynaking are the best, hands down, off the shelf vice. I’ve used mines for years also and it’s still going strong after thousands of flies
  5. Scotty90

    How to align rings

    You can heat up the guide foot and touch it off of a stick of hot melt glue, just a touch is enough to allow you to stick the guide to the blank, it works well and doesn’t show up after coating the wrap with epoxy. I just use blue painter masking tape, cut the stips thin and wrap around the top...
  6. Scotty90

    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    On hard summer days on small waters I find a couple of small (size 16) black buzzers fished on a washing line with a fab, muddler or a suitable dry (assuming boobies are banned) works well fished near static. Under a bung works well also but not everyone like to fish that way.
  7. Scotty90

    WD-40 and (fly) fishing

    × unemployment benefit form 40, dole moles 😁
  8. Scotty90

    WD-40 and (fly) fishing

    × water displacement (recipe) 40
  9. Scotty90

    Rod repairs

    Don’t attach tip guides with epoxy or araldite etc.. just use hot melt glue, cut a few slivers off of a stick and put them inside the tube of the tip top and heat with a lighter, put it on the rod whilst the glue is melted and hold in position for a few seconds till the glue cools, make a small...
  10. Scotty90

    New Fly rod recommendations

    The airflo super stick comp special 10 foot 6 weight is a great rod, plenty powerful to fish down to di3 sinkers comfortably but the rod excels with the washing line and dries. Go up to the 7 weight if you fish sinkers deeper and more often. A very underrated rod and less than 200 quid. ×
  11. Scotty90

    Silver back booby

    × I tied it with Dave Downie’s silver back grey marabou so called it that, only black can be a shuggie 😛
  12. Scotty90

    Silver back booby

    Jim tuck barbless wet #10 Silverback grey marabou Silver lite-brite Wee touch of Red lite-brite Fine silver wire Grey Metz hen 5mm white foam
  13. Scotty90

    Rabbit Booby

    Fry time booby Jim tuck barbless wet #10 1” of white zonker strip Silver lite-brite Red lite-brite 5mm white foam
  14. Scotty90

    Day 5

    × I’m really sorry to hear that you are struggling mate, I hope you make a full recovery and get fit quick enough. Radio therapy is tough on your body, my father in law had 3 courses last year and it was pretty harsh.
  15. Scotty90

    How do you store your waders?

    I hang them on the man cave door just to bug my wife :ROFLMAO: ×
  16. Scotty90

    Day 5

    I’d agree with trout tickler, the flies and tippet you are using are more suitable for stillwater fishing. I read in your other posts you are using a 7 weight rod as well, you are making it very hard for yourself fishing small rivers with gear like that. You may or may not be in a position (or...
  17. Scotty90

    A question for Rod Builders

    Rob, use some Loctite double bubble 2 part epoxy. It’s very strong and sets fast, cures fast also. I could post you a couple of packets FOC if you want to Pm me your address. We use in our engineerI got shop for various things but I bring it home for fitting reel seats and cork when building rods.
  18. Scotty90

    Corrosion on reel seat on rod

    Oxidation has occurred but the worst is the pitting on the ferrule plug, where the corrosion has went through the aluminium oxide and has ate into the aluminium, Clean it with paraffin if you can get some, and coat in light grease once the paraffin has been removed. Corroded aluminium alloys are...
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    Could not have said it better myself.
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    That wasn’t my statement, read the posts again. I posted hours ago. Why does there have to be a scientific explanation, we are anglers not physicists. I merely stated an observation I’ve made through my own experiences as the first reply to the OP, until I read all the replies and yours seemed...