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  1. dave b

    Heavy Metal Beauties

    Woke up in the early hours of the morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so ended up downstairs tying a few flies before work, including these heavy metal beauties tied on a size 12 Demmon DJS 315 jig hook, with 4mm gold bead, tweaked Troutline Mad Rabbit Dubbing with added red fox squirrel...
  2. dave b

    A few from this morning.

    Klinkhammer tied on Hends BL550 size 16 hook, dubbing hends light olive hare No 10, peacock herl thorax, hackle whiting furnace bronze grade, head finished off with Troutline hybrid pepper squirrel hybrid dubbing. And The in-vogue "Bionic AntT tied on size 14 Partridge dry fly, wing Tiemco...
  3. dave b

    So what is my dog trying to tell me?

    Like anything else when you get a puppy they are always up to mischief. Photo snapped by my daughter when my wife was tidying up, quick as a flash the dog had grabbed the magazine and was off. The look says it all and captures the moment beautifully :ROFLMAO:
  4. dave b

    Daddy Mayfly

    Inspired by a FB post from David Southall in relation to alternative Mayfly patterns when the Trout aren't quite playing ball and you start getting refusals on more traditional patterns. Tied on a size 12 Partridge dry fly barbless, with a yellow chenille tail, pheasant tail legs, mayfly...
  5. dave b

    Wanted Snowbee Spectre Cassette 5/6 Reel or Hardy ASR 6000 Cassette

    As per title must be in excellent condition.
  6. dave b

    Detached Mayfly

    Inspired by Andy Fords, Youtube Mayfly video. I normally stick with standard mayfly patterns but thought I'd tweak it and give it a go. Tied on a size 14 quick river grub nymph barbless 059BL hook, 3.5mm dia yellow foam body, PT tail, an dark olive CDC wing and a whiting high and dry March...
  7. dave b

    Black Pennell Cruncher

    Tied on a Fulling Mill size 14 nymph. Golden Pheasant tippet collar tail, Hends 0.14 dia silver wire, Troutine rainbow black spectra collar and Lakeland Whiting exclusive black claret hen hackle. 7
  8. dave b

    Davey McPhail DH BWO

    Tied on a FM 14 grab gape bronze barbless which is quite a small hook for the size, Natures Spirit DH, superfine olive dubbing and CDL tail.
  9. dave b

    BWO Parachutes

    Blue Winged Olive parachutes. Finding the correct materials for this fly can be a bit of a conundrum as some tiers use a dunn hackle, others a white grizzle and on it goes depending on the tier. Tied on an 18 with superfine light olive dubbing, Tiemco fluro pink aero wing post, CDL tail and a...
  10. dave b


    I haven't posted for a while. Recently bought a Whiting High and Dry March Brown Grizzle 1/2 saddle which is also perfect for Mayflies. A simple generic pattern tied on a size 12 TMC 5212, with a PT tail, a black peacock micro glint rib, superfine banana dubbing, a beige CDC wing and Whiting...
  11. dave b

    Best resin to use for whipping without rotable turner.

    As above I'm looking for recommendations of a good resin to use for finishing whipping where you don't have a rotable turner, i.e. non drip/sag but not too quick setting. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  12. dave b

    Prince Nymphs

    Tied in preparation for a trip to Colorado in Sept with fingers crossed that the current situation improves and allows us to get back to a sense of normality before the summer is over. Tied on a size 14 Fulling Mill 35085. Body lead wire underlay with 3mm tungsten gold bead on one fly and a...
  13. dave b

    Snowbee XS WF5 Floating

    New and only cast on the grass. Unfortunately didn't quite match my Loop Cross which requires a 185g head to load it optimally. Opted for Bario SLX on a recommendation for the rod and selling the Snowbee to recoup costs. NO LONGER FOR SALE
  14. dave b

    Barrio GT125 WF 8 floating

    As per title, I can't remember using this line, as new with Roman Moser Loop. £23 delivered in jiffy bag, £25 with spool and box.
  15. dave b

    Airflo Switch Black 7/9 Cassette Reel with 5 spools and 8# lines

    No longer available. SOLD As per title in excellent condition, with the exception being a little minor gravel rash on the bottom of the reel as shown in pictures. The reel comes with the following lines: Maxcatch Gold WF 8 floater Wychwood little dipper sink tip Wychwood Engery taper hover...
  16. dave b

    Airflo Airlite Nantec Competition 10ft 8#

    ROD SOLD The original 3 piece version, very highly regarded by competition anglers. Superb rod in excellent condition. Bought as an ex demo without a bag but comes complete with original tube and neoprene rod tidy's. There are no marks or scratches on this rod and it has only been used a few...
  17. dave b

    20 Parachute

    Not the best pictures. Tied on a FM size 20 Ultimate Dry Fly Barbless Hook. Hends No 23 Hare dubbing. Thorax Troutline natural squirrel hybrid dubbing, CDL tail and Hareline hot pink para post.
  18. dave b

    Appleby Olive Nymph

    Tied on Hends BL144 size 14 wide gape Jig hook, 3.3mm tungsten bead, slightly tweaked Andrews Scruffy Appleby Olive dubbing, Hends 0.14 copper wire rib, Hends Spectre 46 peackock dubbing and CDL tail.
  19. dave b

    Orivs Battenkill BBS II with spare spool and reel case. Perfect for small streams. Line not included in sale.

    No longer for sale As per title, 2.75 inch spool ideal for 2-4# lines and rods from 7ft - 8ft 6ins. Apart from the usual marking to the reel seat where the paint has worn, (normal for these reels), and where the printing has worn off, the reel and spare spool are in excellent condition with...
  20. dave b

    BWO cripple/emerger

    Not a traditional pattern and one of those I couldn't make my mind up if it was a cripple or emerger as it was loosely based on a pattern I saw which I tweaked. Tied on a size 16 Dohiku Pupa P hook, olive turkey biot body, lakeland dyed iron blue whiting hackle and CDC hackle.