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  1. Scotty90

    Chartreuse and white baitfish

    One for the salt Owner 5177-071 #4 hook White EP Chartreuse Metz soft hackle Red epoxy eyes Fly is 70mm long.
  2. Scotty90

    Silver back booby

    Jim tuck barbless wet #10 Silverback grey marabou Silver lite-brite Wee touch of Red lite-brite Fine silver wire Grey Metz hen 5mm white foam
  3. Scotty90

    Rabbit Booby

    Fry time booby Jim tuck barbless wet #10 1” of white zonker strip Silver lite-brite Red lite-brite 5mm white foam
  4. Scotty90

    Stripped quill red Diawl

    B175 #10 Black uni 8/0 Red game cock tail and beard Red holo Stripped quill Silver wire Peacock herl
  5. Scotty90

    Yellow owl shuttle

    Jim tuck barbless dry #12 Lt cahill uni 8/0 Flat black tinsel rib Fox squirrel Cdc
  6. Scotty90

    Black hopper booby

    Jim tuck barbless dry #12 Black seal Uni french oval small Black knotted pt Metz cock hackle 3mm black foam eyes
  7. Scotty90

    Flash bach

    Jim tuck barbless wet # 12 Red game cock tail and beard Black peacock herl Uni Mylar back Fine silver wire
  8. Scotty90

    Jc mosaic viva

    Jim tuck barbless wet #10 Uni 8/0 black Glo-brite 12 Uni french oval silver Black seal Black velvet marabou Mosaic flash Dyed sunburst JC
  9. Scotty90


    B175 #10 Furnace hen tail and hackle Pt body Red tinsel and silver wire rib Peacock thorax
  10. Scotty90

    Wanted G Loomis GL3 9’9” #7

    Looking for a loomis gl3 9’9” 7 weight, it’s an old rod and 2 piece but I love mine and I’m looking for a spare incase it gets bust.
  11. Scotty90

    Olive snake

    After the thread about snake flies I had to tie a couple up. Fm5005 #10 rear hook FNF tan/olive zonker strip 14kg daiwa j braid #8 b175 front hook with point cut off Olive seal Bluish silver tinsel throat Orange seal 4mm brass bead
  12. Scotty90

    Wanted: SKB cassette spools

    As title, looking for spare spools for original skb cassette reel. Scott
  13. Scotty90

    Leggy kate

    Fulling mill grab gape #10 Uni 8/0 black GP crest Black seal fur Black cock body hackle Silver wire Knotted pt legs Metz ginger hen collar hackle Jc splits
  14. Scotty90

    Loop Q 6/8 SOLD

  15. Scotty90

    Size 14 cahill buzzer

    Size 14 b175 Uni light Cahill 8/0 Stripped peacock quill Amber goose biots
  16. Scotty90

    9 foot 5 weight for 10 foot 5 swap

    Looking for a decent 10 foot 5 weight rod, I have a brand new guideline elevation 9’ 5# and a very good condition daiwa Lexa 9’ 5# I’d be willing to swap two for one for the right rod. Can email pics. scott
  17. Scotty90

    Sage Z-Axis 9’6” 8#

    As title, I have a very good condition z axis for sale in 896 config. I will email pics to anyone interested. £240 posted ONO
  18. Scotty90

    Wee double for sea trout