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  1. suzzy buzzer

    Using boats to fly fish.

    Jeltz seems to have taken his bat,ball,and wickets. No great loss there.
  2. suzzy buzzer

    Streamer fishing for wild brown trout.?

    It does, it’s just the technique and patterns that differ. Large WBT have a taste for mouthfull size offerings of easy food, be it fish, mammals, crustaceans, or amphibians. Stocked reissie fish have that same instinct, they just don’t have the same extensive menu to choose from.
  3. suzzy buzzer

    Dubbing dispenser

    I do this with all my dubbing, as I find I can control the amount, and pre ‘tease it’ so to speak ( for instance if preparing a small amount for a split thread ). Just cut the bottom corner off the bag, better than any boxes or containers.
  4. suzzy buzzer

    Sunray lines

    You have only two posts, and both are relating to this. I also noticed your avatar is a screenshot of Tom Bell in his street theatre role. So it appears you have an axe to grind? Have you been on the receiving end of his infamous customer service? And shropshire_lad makes a very good point...
  5. suzzy buzzer

    Sunray lines

    It’s some kind of street theatre, it’s highly likely that the people on the bench are in on it. If not, and they are just bystanders, the man seems extremely placid about a random stranger thrusting his nether regions near his wife and child. Whatever it is, it’s dross.
  6. suzzy buzzer

    Sunray lines

    If you google reckless invention, you’ll see it’s some kind of Legz Akimbo theatre company type thing, and mr Sunray is part of it. But I tell you what I call it, AIDS in a van.
  7. suzzy buzzer

    Sunray lines

    I think that boy’s cheese has slid off his cracker 🛎🔚
  8. suzzy buzzer

    Different vice

    The Snowbee AR is the vice you describe. A more robust design along the same lines is the Tvrdek, which I think has quite recently ceased production. Rather than pull a wire loop, this vice forces a pin towards a rigid loop, trapping the hook as it does.
  9. suzzy buzzer

    Sunray lines

    I wonder why he doesn’t use the forums :unsure:
  10. suzzy buzzer

    What size for czech nymphs?

    You are imitating caddies larvae, which are generally quite a mouthful. The patterns of hooks you’ll be losing are generally longer in the shank anyway, for the most I’ll use 8 through to 12 typically. As they are not beaded, any weight has to go under the dressing, so if you are after something...
  11. suzzy buzzer

    Using boats to fly fish.

    Please don’t pretend to be butthurt, you’re embarrassing yourself.
  12. suzzy buzzer

    Using boats to fly fish.

    You are being played!
  13. suzzy buzzer

    Using boats to fly fish.

    When your opening salvo basically insults a large percentage of the members by bringing into question any skills or knowledge they have gleaned over many years, it’s not unreasonable that you may get a little flak in return.
  14. suzzy buzzer

    Using boats to fly fish.

    I can’t believe people have even bothered to reply to this in good faith. It’s a really lame attempt at sh!tposting.
  15. suzzy buzzer

    Diameter of rope for a drogue?

    I have the wychwood Comp, and from memory the rope is 8mm diameter. The only thing I have done other than standard is to introduce a couple of stainless caribeners to where the ropes connect to the drougue. This helps get the drogue down a bit quicker in use, and the removable ropes make drying...
  16. suzzy buzzer

    Paraloop hackling using spanflex...

    Iain is correct, the easiest way to free up hands is to introduce tension into the post, or in this case the spanflex. From above you would use a gallows arrangement , if you were to invert the jaws, you could achieve the same thing with a decent elastic band/bands, and a hackle clip around the...
  17. suzzy buzzer

    Trout rivers - Cheshire/Peak district/north west

    Disley and new mills angling club is only about £50 a year, and has some cracking water. There’s quite a bit of ‘free’ / uncontrolled river to go at in east Cheshire overr to the peaks, you just have to find it. People will be reluctant to do all the legwork and digging, and then just hand it...
  18. suzzy buzzer

    Thinking about Tenkara...

    Salisbury- I’m not sure what there is down that way river wise, is it not all a bit flat, slow, and chalky? You’d be worth joining a forum or some FB groups that are more geared towards tenkara. The majority of the members in general FF Fora, despite having never done it, still seem to regard...
  19. suzzy buzzer

    Thinking about Tenkara...

    The one thing you need to remember with tenkara, and it’s obvious, but your line is fixed, and so is your optimum casting distance. You’ll get maybe a couple of feet further or shorter by changing your stance, but anything over this you’ll need to relocate; anything else will be a compromise in...
  20. suzzy buzzer

    sinking the tippet with pva?

    I think the idea is sound, but I think you’d struggle to get a #10 stotz of the typical thickness of tippet you’d find in a stillwater setup. I could be wrong though, it’s a long time since I used them. A knot with a little tungsten putty over it might be easier to achieve.