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  1. Gdog

    Varivas 2100 Standard Dry Hooks

    Varivas 2100 standard dry fly hooks I've checked the number of hooks in each packet. Size 14 / 28 hooks Size 16 / 25 hooks Size 18 / 24 hooks Size 20 / 19 hooks £9 / €10 including postage to Ireland & UK.
  2. Gdog

    Wanted Snowbee Prestige 10' #6

    I'm looking for the old model of this rod discontinued last year, either new or good used condition. I'm not looking for the new Prestige G-XS Still on the lookout if anyone has one of these rods for sale. 10.08.2020
  3. Gdog

    Withdrawn item

    Moved to correct section
  4. Gdog

    I was browsing the internet over the weekend and came across this Chinese website, has anyone seen it before or bought anything from it? I've added a link to a page with G. Loomis and Hardy fly rods...
  5. Gdog

    Proberos Fly Reel worth looking at

    This is a fly reel I saw for the first time on Aliexpress last weekend, I haven't seen it mentioned on the forum by anybody else, so if someone has posted about this reel already, apologies, either way check this link; Aluminum 3+1 BB Fly Fishing 5/7 7/9 9/10 WT Wheel Green & Gun Color Fly...
  6. Gdog

    7' or 7'6" 4 weight rod recommendations

    I fish a couple of rivers which have some tight spaces for casting. I already have an 8' 6" #4 foot rod which I can use on the more open stretches. I have a budget of £100 as this is a rod I won't use frequently. I am considering a 7 or 7' 6" # 4 rod, I already have a 4 weight line and reel...
  7. Gdog

    Airflo Super Stik Competition Special 10' #6

    Airflo Super Stik Competition Special 10' #6 SOLD SOLD Airflo Super Stik Competition Special 10' # 6 has been used about four times. Rod tube and cloth bag. €90 (£83 approx.) including registered, insured postage with tracking, Ireland, UK & Europe. SOLD
  8. Gdog

    Greys GR50 9'6'' / 7 weight fly rod.

    SOLD I have a 9'6'' #7 Greys GR50 fly rod which I bought early 2018, it has not been used. The rod is in new condition and comes with the Greys rod tube and warranty card. I don't need this rod now due to a more recent purchase. I am offering it for sale at €120 this includes registered...
  9. Gdog

    Boat rod for wild brown trout waters

    I'm interested to know what length and line weight fly rods people use when fishing for wild lake/lough/loch brown trout (not rainbows) from a drifting boat. In the early to mid nineties I used an 11'3'' foot Daiwa rod for a 5/6/7 weight line, that rod was stolen from my car so I switched to a...