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  1. kevin55

    will my #7 weight be ok for targeting carp

    I use an 8wt with a 10lb leader and still last week couldn't keep a couple of wild carp away from the lilies
  2. kevin55

    Yorkshire Dales in about a month

    Hi Steve The tackle shop at Hawes was doing day tickets last year; also the post office in Grassington for the Wharfe nearby Kilnsey Cafe/lake has stillwater fishing; the Kilnsey Club has fishing on the Wharfe and Skirfare and was operating from the cafe but it's phone bookings only at the...
  3. kevin55

    Sage Graphite 111 590 RPL, 2 piece, 2 7/8oz, £225 posted

    A lightly used rod bought by me new when in Boston in 1997 via an 'etailer' on the cusp of the internet. My sister-in-law posted a US cheque and I got this when she came over as the rod hadn't arrived by the time I left. Unmarked with original bag and tube I use my Grey's Streamflex all the...
  4. kevin55

    Are strike indicators taboo on chalkstreams?

    On some waters if they are not specifically disallowed you can use them. I regard it as float fishing but many people 'fish to the rules'. I did ask the bailiff on the Avon once, about another angler using a big piece of foam above a nymph and he just said 'it's not disallowed' I watch the...
  5. kevin55

    A river in flood.

    Cast into the slack water behind a rock or stump or on the inside of a bend maybe
  6. kevin55

    Barbed or not.

    I'm all for barbless Oddly in the carp world (I've been fly fishing for them) there are some fisheries that insist on barbed! I though it was a mistake on their website, but no; apparently there's an argument that barbless hooks move about in the mouth and do more damage
  7. kevin55

    Rawson Glass Rod

    It sounds like the same rod, the action doesn't suit my casting style for some reason as with other rods I've had
  8. kevin55

    If Carlsberg Made a Centre Pin Reel

    He makes some very nice reels of his own that are sought after
  9. kevin55

    If Carlsberg Made a Centre Pin Reel

    My dad and uncle took me to a retired miner's home in South Derbyshire, aged 12. He had an Aerial and a Mitchell Otomatic for sale, both were bought to my delight, I have them still aged 64 and caught a barbel trotting on the Ivel a few years ago with the Aerial. They are wonderful reels
  10. kevin55

    New 3/4 wt Custom Reel

    Gordon Ottershaw is a character form Ripping Yarns I'm also wondering how to sneak in a reel past my wife and like the look of Graeme's reels
  11. kevin55

    Rawson Glass Rod

    Thanks a lot Onnlylad, yes it is 8' 5wt
  12. kevin55

    Rawson Glass Rod

    Bought on a whim off eBay - I'd tried a friend's Hardy Test and liked it, but wanted something a bit dfferent Rawson rather than Rawson & Perrin, the word Rawson on the butt is hand scribbled rather than the usual logo block, I don't know why (early Rawson rod?) I'm not sure if it's S glass or E...
  13. kevin55

    Four piece rods

    3 and 4 piece fit in my boot, 2 piece only if 7' 6" or under, I don't like leaving a visible tube, though I could leave that at home
  14. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    Yes, 206 and no flat spots with the 4 piece
  15. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    Freed up some phone space and managed to get a photo off the memory
  16. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    I can't get the photos off my old iphone Steve as it won't allow me to mail now On big rods I remember using a 12 or 13' salmon rod in Sweden (the guide's rod) many years ago with a shooting head and it didn't feel pleasant, not like flicking out a dry. The rod had no ferrules but the joints...
  17. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    I've used the 4 piece rod and find it light and easy to use On the original specs for the rod it show for ferrules: Truncated Super Z, titanium female, Arcap male (all way beyond my understanding) The guy who commissioned it has quite a few cane rods and is in fact 1 of the satisfied customers...
  18. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    I acquired 2 Gary Marshalls on Tuesday, s/hand, 1 a 4 piece 7' 6" 4 wt with titanium ferrules (I'm told) for lightness, a thing of beauty; the other a 2 piece Garrison 206
  19. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    Ooh, what fish, where's this stretch of the Lea if I may ask? A club member I know uses a Gary Marshall 8 wt for carp and always keeps the landing net handle fully extended to keep the bend in the rod shallow
  20. kevin55

    Split-Cane rods;

    A use so rare you might consider selling it, only to regret it later? Most 6' 6", 7' rods seem to be 4-5 so I'd love a 3 wt