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  1. Mr edd

    Netting on the rhondda

    I have had a report that about 7am Tuesday morning that two nets was seen being pulled in full of big silver fish. Please all keep a sharp eye out
  2. Mr edd

    River neath

    Hi All. I am after some help. I have a nadac ticket and would like some help identifying where I can fish. I know the tidal stretch and the one layby stretch with the hut but how far upstream can I fish ?. Can I fish as far up as mcdonalds area. Thanks for any help. Regards. mredd.
  3. Mr edd


    Hi Folks. Every time I try to go on Sea Trout Forum -my avast blocks it and says Infection anyone else got this problem ?
  4. Mr edd

    Support the fish fight

    Hugh's Fish Fight - Half of all fish caught in the North Sea is thrown back overboard dead
  5. Mr edd

    Taff Valley Calender 2012

    Hi Folks. Taff Valley Calender 2012 will be a collection of photos from in and around the Taff valley, Taken by the people who live, work and visit the Afon Taff Valley. Please send in your photos and we will put them in a poll for you all to vote on what photos will feature in the callender...
  6. Mr edd

    Consultation on a new water related recreation code of conduct for Wales

    Consultation on a new water related recreation code of conduct for Wales - Countryside Council for Wales
  7. Mr edd

    FTAC, EA. Bailiff night

    Hi Folks. I am organising a bailiff night with the EA to be held Monday 1st November, 7 PM at the Ex servicemans club Taffs Well. This will be to do with rules and reg's regarding policing of club waters. The evning is open to all who would like to attend, If you would like to come along...
  8. Mr edd

    FTAC, EA. Bailiff night

    Post moved to here edd.
  9. Mr edd

    Two tubes for sea trout

    Hi Folks. I tied these two up this morning when I had five min's spare. All comments welcome. Regards. edd.
  10. Mr edd

    David Norwich ( first class service )

    Hi Folks. I would just like say that David Norwich provides a first class service !!. I posted a Question for help and advice on replacing a tip ring see post I have just fitted my new tip ring this morning...
  11. Mr edd

    Help needed finding the right tip ring

    Hi Folks. I have a Ideal XL Fly Rod - 9' AFTM # 6/7 and I need top replace the tip ring I have been looking online but I'm not sure what size I need and I don't want to put the wrong size on. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Many thanks. Regards. edd.
  12. Mr edd

    Not fishing, PC parts ( MK6 Heatsink Spring Pins )

    Hi Folks. Sorry it's not fishing but I am desprate to find these pins. Aristocrat MK6 Heatsink Spring Pins I have looked on the web and can only find them in Victoria ( yes thats australia ) I have registered an account with them but a week on and it is still ( APPROVAL PENDING ). Can...
  13. Mr edd

    I have been practicing tying wing slip's.

    Hi Folks. First off, Thanks John for the info and pic. I have been practicing tying my wing slip's, so here are my new one's Then I had an idea. single feather nymph ( english partridge ) Hope you like, as always feel free to pick holes :D Regards. Mr edd.
  14. Mr edd

    Uni-mylar #14 ( cheap alternative )

    Hi Folks. My other half has done it again ! she came home from shopping and gave me this. It is the same width as Uni-mylar #14 ( 1mm ). the stands are about 18" long and 19" wide when un-folded. she got them in a B&Q store :D Regards. Mr edd.
  15. Mr edd

    winged wet's ( first attempts )

    Hi Folks. This morning I thought it was about time I tried to tie some winged wet's More try to tie the wing, as I have had some speckled hen feathers for quite some time now. Here are three I feel are reasonable, But as always any coments are welcome. Regards. Mr edd.
  16. Mr edd

    Playing at the vice

    Hi Folks. Had a play around at the vice today. I have been trying to get good results using the double hackle method. ( folded hackle ) Here are two tied with double hackle. I have removed the obvious :whistle: Oh and two needle flies. Feel free to comment as you see fit :D Regards...
  17. Mr edd

    At the vice today with pink floyd.

    Hi Folks. Today I have been on the klink's. So after I had done the house work :mad: My other half and the kid's went down her mum's, I put some pink floyd on and got at the vice :D All coments welcome as always folks. Regards. Mr edd.
  18. Mr edd

    Recent tying's for some criticism !

    Hi Folks. I've not posted in this section for a while but I have been tying, so I thought I should show some of my recent tying's for some criticism :D A Klink. Shuttlecock buzzers. Shrimp's. copper john. Black n perly-red spider. Gold bead pink bug. I got around to re-tying my...
  19. Mr edd

    Wanted ( Wychwood Truefly #7/8 ) not SLA

    Hi Folks. I am looking for one or two spare spools for my Wychwood Truefly reel #7/8, now this is the older model of the Truefly reel not the new SLA If anyone has any hanging aroud and would like to sell at a tidy price could you pm me please. Many thanks. Mr edd.
  20. Mr edd

    problems with the avator.

    Hi Folks. Is anyone else having problems with the avator. I noticed mine had vanished I have tryed to put it back on and no joy. File size is 80 x 80 but every link code I use comes up as invalid file my images are on photobucket Any ideas ?. Regards. edd.