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  1. Paul_B

    Salmon fishing for free

    I thought that would get your attention :) Just seen theres a taster session in Sterling for anyone whos interested, Stirling Council Fishery - River Teith Permit (Season opening free taster session) - Fishing Around the Forth
  2. Paul_B

    Good fishing

    Good fishing but bad conditions, however heres one from our puddle today and a nice fighting big blue, also a few others. I lost a couple of decent one early doors as the shimano line snapped at the hook so went back to good old G3, losing fish is bad enough but I lost my most productive flies...
  3. Paul_B

    Air tank

    Does anyone know the best place to buy a 300 bar air tank from for filling my airgun, any suggestions :)
  4. Paul_B

    Tweed & Sunday fishing

    I'm having my usual holiday at St Boswell next week but I have two questions for those in the know :) Is the river fish-able after all the rain & is Sunday fishing allowed for brown trout? I tried looking at the web site but my computer blocked it (This site may harm...
  5. Paul_B

    Loch Forfar

    We're or rather the OH & my daughter are planning a weeks holiday for us all in Scotland, next to Lock Forfar, I wasn't very interested until the mentiond it was next to fishing. Can anyone tell me a bit about the fishing, what sort of prices & is it any good :) Thanks in anticipation....... Paul
  6. Paul_B

    Precision Rod

    I've just been given a Precision cane fly rod (Tudor Works, Redditch ) its just over 9 ft, it also came with a 3 1/4" Condex reel & probably the original fly line, was a fishing prize from the early 50s, It has the makers name & address on the rod but not a hint to what line weight it...
  7. Paul_B

    Hardy Perfect

    My brother Des, is knocking on a bit (80 ish) & wants to sell his hardy perfect reel, hes had it since he was a lad along with some other old good quality tackle, hardy rods etc. He's just bought a new Cortland line from Carrilon & it worked out cheaper to buy it on the reel ? This has got...
  8. Paul_B

    deer hair

    I've been given some Munjack skin is the hair as good as deer hair thats used when making sedges. I thought I'd better ask before I try to cure it:) Paul