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  1. stevie d

    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    Supatracks are good but when I'm wading on slick rocks I prefer boots with studded felt soles.
  2. stevie d

    Kopter scissors.

    Seeing more of these on other sites. Are they up to the hype? Or should I stick with my Dr Slicks?.
  3. stevie d

    Pre-made tapered leaders/tippets or 'cut your own'?

    I use them on both Lake and River in a similar fashion to previous replies. I add a tippet ring and then the required amount of tippet. It's not often that I fish lakes with multiple flies on a cast.
  4. stevie d

    Overhang, how much is too much?

    I was thinking along the lines of after the head of the fly line has been aerialised and you are into the running line regardless of the length of the rear taper. So the caster will have the full head and rear taper outside the tip ring.
  5. stevie d

    Sunray lines

    I had a chance to use mine recently and it was OK, the floaty part floated and the sink tip sank😁. Used it on a 9ft 10# rod and once I got used to it I found it to be OK. Felt a lot lighter than my usual Airflo Sniper but it is rated a 9# and I suspect that my Airflo 10# lines are way over the...
  6. stevie d

    Overhang, how much is too much?

    Just wondering if there is a set or optimal amount of line that should be used for this. There must be a point where too much overhang will cause problems with the cast collapsing so I was wonder g if there is an optimum beyond which point it is not worth going. Would this vary between casters...
  7. stevie d

    New toys, a treat to me. Have you purchased any.

    It's our 25th anniversary next week and I was browsing the classifieds here and spotted a Scott Radian for sale at a bargain price and my lovely wife got it for me as a present🎁. On a more personal note I always wanted a jungle cock Cape but balked at the cost, however I bit the bullet recently...
  8. stevie d

    Leaking waders

    Snowbee do some but it's about £6.50 for a small amount. I got a 500ml bottle off ebay. Spray it on the whole area yes, the bottle I got had its own spray top. I set this to spray a fine mist as this covers a larger area. The isopropyl alcohol just shows where a leak may be. The Snowbee stuff is...
  9. stevie d

    Leaking waders

    If there are no obvious tears or holes it may be there is a leak on the seam. If you get some isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol) and turn them inside out and spray it on the areas where they are leaking, any small leaks will show up as dark spots. I'm not sure if leaky seams will show up this way.
  10. stevie d

    Cleaning fly lines

    I saw a review in Trout Fisherman I think(a while back now) but as I said the price was prohibitive. One day I was just looking on ebay in the other fly-fishing section and a seller had them on sale(clearance) at under half price and I snapped one up.
  11. stevie d

    Cleaning fly lines

    The pictures show the spooler with its manual winding handle on and then removed to attach the drill. I have also tried to show the dip in the centre to separate backing and fly lines. There are other types of line winder available and such gadgets make line cleaning a doddle but this one makes...
  12. stevie d

    Cleaning fly lines

    I got myself a gadget called a smart spooler ages ago. They were expensive to buy initially but later on I got one off ebay less than half price. I have it fixed in place and it can be used with an electric drill to make spooling and unspooling lines and backing a doddle. For instance when I...
  13. stevie d

    Double haul in windy conditions?

    Yes this is what I meant. By practicing this away from fishing situations I have improved my back cast a great deal and it is a good tool to have in aforementioned adverse crosswinds. I don't fish from a boat.
  14. stevie d

    Double haul in windy conditions?

    I have not worded this very well, basically Mike had me practicing my casts making the delivery or final cast off the back hand, so basically casting backwards. In order to make a good length cast this way all the elements have to be in place(loop shape, timing etc.) He told me to practice at...
  15. stevie d

    Double haul in windy conditions?

    I was at a BFCC meeting at the Sportfish venue a while back and on this particular day there was a stiff breeze blowing off the lake from behind the casting positions. My back cast was suffering badly in this wind and Mike Marshall took me to one side and had me practice releasing the line on...
  16. stevie d

    Vice Upgrade

    I have experience with the Danvice and can not recommend it. The Jaws wore easily after a short time. I returned it to the shop where I purchased it and the assistant agreed that the Jaws should not have wornh like that after only 3/4 months use. The shop replaced it with a new Danvice but the...
  17. stevie d

    Sunray lines

    I purchased one earlier as they were on offer for £20. So I thought I'd give it a go and got a 9wght sink tip for pike fishing. It's all ready to go but the current situation means I can't give it a whirl.
  18. stevie d

    Snap links for Pike flies

    I use fastach clips which are remarkably similar to the above partridge links.
  19. stevie d

    Pike fly line

    I have been fishing with the Airflo Sniper lines and they are excellent. I recently got a Sunray sink tip line on offer for £20, haven't had a chance to use it yet but seems worth a punt for £20. I'm sure the Barrio lines will be great as I have a few of his other lines and they are great. It's...
  20. stevie d

    J Flint reel.

    Are there any collectors of reels by J Flint? My late dad was a bit of a magpie and I have inherited some old brass reels but they are mostly unbranded apart from a 4 inch example which is marked J Flint maker Dublin. Not a name that I have heard of.