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  1. JayP

    Taimen Ponoy Wading Jacket Size Large

    Brand new Taimen Ponoy lime green wading jacket £75, collection from St Neots or postage at buyers expense. Came with waders and I already have too many jackets so surplus to requirements Info below from Taimen website • 3-layer membrane. • 100% waterproof and windproof. • High breathability...
  2. JayP

    Snowbee expansion

    Interesting Podcast out of the US on how Snowbee is venturing into the world of hiking and biking. I've always wondered why more 'fishing' companies don't diversify into other sports with similar softgoods...
  3. JayP

    Matt and mottled colour beads

    Struggling to find matt and mottled colour beads here in the UK, a few suppliers in continental Europe and 100's in the US, does anyone know anyone selling them here? Ta
  4. JayP

    Wild bamboo blanks

    One man's bamboo blank is another man's bean pole
  5. JayP

    Poacher's Electrofishing Suffolk River

    Just had this update from one of the clubs I fish, Lark Angling & Preservation Society. "Hi can all members please keep an eye out for poachers I was contacted by the Environment Agency enforcement officer today they received a report of 2 people electro fishing downstream of the road bridge...
  6. JayP

    25lb Grafham Koi

    Bloody hell
  7. JayP

    Wanted - Spare spools for Sonik SK3 7/8 cassette reel

    Anyone? Ideally 3 if there's any going
  8. JayP

    Rio fly line head weights

    Anyone know if there's a headweight guide to Rio's current crop of fly lines?
  9. JayP

    Old skool European Tenkara

    If someone can remind me the strain of trout in the Northern Italian alps it would be much appreciated, there's a great article online about them but for the life of me I can't remember where it is.
  10. JayP

    10' 3# Euro nymph blank

    Any suggestions for a nice soft tipped and light 10' euro nymph blank in a 3#? MHX is too stiff and I believe the cheap Bulgarian blanks are quite heavy, it won't get a huge amount of use so ideally something double digit side of £100
  11. JayP

    Wanted - Gary Borger's book The Angler as Predator

    A bit of a long shot but looking for the above book
  12. JayP

    Swan Shot

    Thames Valley Police are looking for a shooter going around taking potshots at swans with an air rifle that fires 8mm ball bearings - I think they're probably actually looking for a little...
  13. JayP

    Tying in a high vis wing

    Can someone tell me how this hi vis wing has been tied in as I can't figure it, bear in mind I only tie the simplest of flies so layman's terms appreciated :LOL:
  14. JayP

    Comparradun hair shortage

    Where's all the comparadun hair gone? Can't seem to find any anywhere, I read that muntjac is a good alternative but possible lacks the flotation of coastal deer? Any ideas on suppliers or alternative hair for flies in the #16 to #22 range greatly received 👍
  15. JayP

    Mark Kurlansky Podcast

    Interesting podcast from Meateater with Mark Kurlansky and all things salmon
  16. JayP

    Free fly fishing movies, one a week for five weeks!

    Scroll down to about midway
  17. JayP

    Licking fingers and lubricating knots

    So post CV-19 is everyone going to revert back to lubricating knots with spittle or is there some new ointment going to come to market? Maybe there's already a specialust knot lube out there that has just passed me by 😎
  18. JayP

    Aphid/ midge large eye hooks

    Hi all, Any recommendations for aphid/ midge hooks in #20/ 22? I like the idea of big eye hooks but other than Orvis which are silly money there seems very little to choose from. Cheers J
  19. JayP

    What waders?

    Looking for non breathable, heavy duty and boot fit waders for club work parties. I remember a post from a few years ago that recommended such things but the forum search facility isn't helping find it. Any ideas appreciated 👍
  20. JayP

    Wychwood Hoverer intermediate fly line

    If anyone's after a bargain the above flyline is on Amazon for £17.99 inc delivery