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    Nano silk colour

    Some years ago, Hans Wiellenman posted on here about this, when there was only a limited availability of GSP's etc, Hans was at that time into tying micro-flies a lot & he use 3 yes 3 fibres of these threads to tie his midges.
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    How long does colour last on gsp thread?

    Can vary a lot, maybe coloured varnish's could last longer as far as heads are concerned ?
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    Auto Focus Stackers for the serious Macro Photographers

    Photography can be or in many peoples experience is one of the fastest way to spend money, like it's going out of fashion. Having said that, the results that can be produced are almost beyond belief. I was never aware of such things being available in the days of 35mm, though I'm sure that many...
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    Nano silk colour

    Nick, that'll last about as long as it takes to get wet - even under a coat of varnish
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    Nano silk colour

    Dyneema & 1 other, possibly Moser's, type's of thread incorporate dye before it's extriuded so its incorporated within the fibres. The others (most of them) are dyed after extrusion, so the dye sits on the surface of a now very inert filament & will come off very easily as it has nothing to...
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    Moose mane
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    thread diameters

    The ONLY threads, that are made specifically for flytying is UTC 70 & 140 all the rest, like everything else, we use, barring genetic hackle is/are by-products from other industries
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    Boat seat security

    The 12" x 1 1/4" oak boards are fixed to the inside edges of the boat, the boat I was given, had at some time had this replaced with another piece of timber, that was approx 10" & as my seat fittings were built for the standard 12" boards, that & the H & S team put me in a situation where I'd...
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    Boat seat security

    They do, but I VERY much prefer normal boats & I stll can't get into the fisheries with the latest covid regs...
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    Freestyle classic

    Graham, superglue does not penetrate far enough into the head as it dries to quickly. The same applies for SH. We discovered this when stripping heads off failed tyings to re-use the hooks, by far the most difficult head to razor-blade off were those with cellire.
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    Boat seat security

    I used a similar type of seat mount until at the start of last season. It was made specifically for the boats at Bristol waters, Chew & Blagdon. Please bear in mind, that trout fishing from a boat, is the only way I can fish these days, as I'm no longer able to stand for any length of time, with...
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    This may be a long shot!

    Kamasan 100's are about the only hook I won't use, as everyone I know has had "issues" with them on Chew & Blagdon. They maybe alright on rivers though. The Kamasan B420 is a brilliant hook, if you don't mind an U/e. Or take a look at the Osprey barbless range, if you don't want to flatten barbs.
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    Dynaking...Great Service

    I've tried many other vices, LAW included but am still overjoyed with my "Pro" that I though 2nd hand in 92, after it's semi-pro tying owner wanted a change, albeit to another D/K. I couldn't even hazard a guess at how many flies have been through it & it still works as well as the day I bought it.
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    How hard is gsp on bobbins?

    If your tying lots 0of sea flies, with really cheaqqpo bobbin holders expect trouble after a few flies, Eferyone else will probably say use ceramic/ruby tipped etc, I've used normal Veniard's ones for years when tying salmon flies. This go's back to whem dyneema. nanothread, gsp & kevlar fisrt...
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    Freestyle classic

    G, to get a herl head, the foundation has to be dead smooth, perfectly formed & very well waxed. I would use a tacky or semi-tacky wax for this. As you've more or less finished with most of the fly, a couple of coats of normal clear cellire before you start helps, you can then apply the wax...
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    chocolate drop cape

    I think you'll find the original dressing was a dark natural red, with a chocolate (sort of Bournville brown) seals fur, for the thorax
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    Old and new

    They look deadly, will catch fish from an empty bucket !
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    Holographic Daiwl Bach in green and red

    These & variants, do VERY well on Bristol's waters. In fact they probably outfish most other flies a.t.m. I would wind the holo'g through the (thinnest) peacock in the same direction & counterib both in the opposite one with a fine dark coloured wire to max the durability
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    Splitting Threads

    M.P's threads are the same as & come from the same factory as Danville's 6/0. M.P. also sells scissors that are available quite commonly for inflated prices.
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    Your help please

    I've heard of water badger being used as a "sub" on the "Rat" series, of salmon hairwings,