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  1. JayP

    Four flies

    There aren't many flies I know of as versatile as the CDC and Elk, a proven fish catcher in all it's variants and really easy to tie too
  2. JayP

    Four flies

    CDC & Elk Griffiths Gnat Bead head PTN Olive Woolly Bugger
  3. JayP


    Just had a replacement rod for a replacement rod turn up in 11 days, according to the tracking it's still in China so go figure!!
  4. JayP

    River Nar, Castle Acre, Norfolk

    × Check your inbox ;)
  5. JayP

    Peacock Fly Fishing Club- Wye, Derwent, Bradford and Lathkill

    That makes sense re: price as I think Creesbrook & Litton do a £50ish day ticket, completely forgotten about them Edit- Yes they do
  6. JayP

    Peacock Fly Fishing Club- Wye, Derwent, Bradford and Lathkill

    More to the point where can you get a day ticket on the Wye for £55?
  7. JayP

    Taimen Ponoy Wading Jacket Size Large

    Brand new Taimen Ponoy lime green wading jacket £75, collection from St Neots or postage at buyers expense. Came with waders and I already have too many jackets so surplus to requirements Info below from Taimen website • 3-layer membrane. • 100% waterproof and windproof. • High breathability...
  8. JayP

    Snowbee expansion

    Interesting Podcast out of the US on how Snowbee is venturing into the world of hiking and biking. I've always wondered why more 'fishing' companies don't diversify into other sports with similar softgoods...
  9. JayP

    How do you store your waders?

    Al I originally got it for drying snowboarding boots but it now gets used for all wet footwear, drenched wading boots take a good 12 hours to dry 👍
  10. JayP

    Studded Or Plain Felt For Freestone Rocky Rivers

    × I reckon my simms studded felt have something like these in them as they wobble about but don't fall out.
  11. JayP

    Studded Or Plain Felt For Freestone Rocky Rivers

    Al did you fit aftermarket studs? The key is that the stud points are flush or just slightly sunken below the felt and only get minimally exposed when the felt is compressed, that way you get the benefit of both (y)
  12. JayP

    How do you store your waders?

    I use one of these for my wading boots...
  13. JayP

    Sunray lines

    I hope the ghillie is on the FFF :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  14. JayP


    I'm fishing Grafham this Friday on a c&r ticket with a boat, cost is £3.10 an hour so an absolute steal in my book
  15. JayP

    Tick repellent

    × Al, this is what you need for normal midges For Scottish midges does anything work :LOL::LOL:
  16. JayP

    Tick repellent

    Sawyer products are the best I've used ×
  17. JayP

    Matt and mottled colour beads

    Struggling to find matt and mottled colour beads here in the UK, a few suppliers in continental Europe and 100's in the US, does anyone know anyone selling them here? Ta
  18. JayP

    Angling Conservation Derbyshire

    The guys on a hiding to nothing engaging with idiots on Facebook, his best bet is delete the post, block the idiots and move on. It's social media so all forgotten about next week 👍
  19. JayP

    What weight?

    Maybe we should play guess the length of the streamer...
  20. JayP

    What weight?

    Cracking fish but impossible to tell from that angle