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  1. arawa

    Back to fishing in Scotland??

    A report in today’s Sunday Times suggests that we Scots might be allowed to go fishing soon. Apparently, an announcement is expected on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.
  2. arawa

    Hardy Demon Smuggler

    Has anyone cast the new Hardy Demon Smuggler - ideally the 4-weight? If so, what did you think of it. Christmas is coming!
  3. arawa

    #4 weight sink tip line recommendation please

    In the hot weather I have been having some success with an Orvis fast sink tip line on a #5 rod but prefer my #4 weight rod for dries. To avoid carrying 2 rods into the hills I am looking for a sink tip (not just a hover or intermediate tip) line for a Hardy Zenith 8.6ft #4 weight rod. There...
  4. arawa

    Guide Flyfishing (Sage Agents)

    Excellent service from Guide Flyfishing who are the UK agents for Sage. I needed a new “O” ring for a Sage Click spool and rang them. Extremely helpful and apologetic that they did not have any in stock but quickly obtained one from Sage USA at no charge. Very happy and appreciative.
  5. arawa

    Atomsix Celestial 8’6” #4

    I have been looking for a new dry fly rod to use on small hill lochs and Steve Parkes kindly lent me the 8’6” #4 version of his new Celestial model. It is a lovely discreet rod and beautifully finished. There are lots of reel seat, ring and whipping options but I had the “standard” version and...