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  1. noel

    Boot dubbing

    Just curious do any of you fine people use this as opposed to thread wax ?
  2. noel

    Snaptackle fly lines

    Has anyone tried their own brand lines ?
  3. noel

    Embsay reservoir

    Has anyone any info on this place lately , the old thread is coming up with " insufficient privileges " ?
  4. noel

    Foam ant

    Can anyone remember the video to tying the flies from this material it was a good few years ago ?
  5. noel

    A couple of basic safety videos for the boat beginner

    Hi all just a couple of basic safety videos for us all when fishing solo in the boat and this 1 .
  6. noel

    Heat shrink tubing

    Hi all what diameter do you use for your braided leader loops ?
  7. noel

    Skb cassettes 5/6/7

    Hi all do these fit any other reels ?
  8. noel

    Lidl fishing tackle .

    Morning all Lidl are selling these from today but check out these vid the guy is Andy Buckley and if you don't know who he is check this one out .
  9. noel

    Airflo Di 3 sinking lines alternatives

    As the title says I am considering buying a di 3 in wf7 , who makes a good alternative to the Sixth Sense lines at a sensible price Maxcatch do not have any wf7 .
  10. noel

    Anglers Dream

    I know I am a great advocate of Maxcatch , but have any of you bought the Gold line from Anglers Dream ?
  11. noel

    Northumbrian Water Authority

    Just seen that they have closed all of their fisheries . Tunstall where I fish is owned by them not sure yet what the story will be .
  12. noel

    Goose biots

    Hi when tying with these what do you all do with your off cuts ?
  13. noel

    Lakeland fishing supplies ?

    Morning all , have any of you fine people used this supplier for you flies ?
  14. noel

    Midge tip lines

    Hi I know how good the John Norris p3 midge tip lines are but have any of you got any ideas about the mdi and the UK angling supplies lines are ? Please no other suggestions I already own a Snowbee .
  15. noel

    Ice blue tying thread.

    Hi all I've been looking for some of this to tie some buzzers, spent ages searching Ebay with no avail can anyone give me a clue to who has some?
  16. noel

    War of the Roses 2020

    The date has been set by Ladybower as Sat 18th of April . More info on their Fb page .
  17. noel

    Pole fishing

    Afternoon all , I am considering starting pole fishing again but as I gave all my tackle away to a charity I am after some advice on a 11m pole; if it was a fly rod we would suggest a Shakey Agility or a Flextec cdx or something else in that price bracket so suggestions please for a pole which...
  18. noel

    Sundely Reels

    Have any of you come across these and if so what...
  19. noel

    Neoprene Socks

    Do any of you fine people use neoprene socks in your waders ? I opted to add studs to mine and the threads were just a tad too long I will use foam insoles for protection from them and have used rubber seal on the stud threads whilst installing but I have still to try them out out. Sent from my...
  20. noel

    Grizzle cock feathers

    Only wanting to tie a couple of dozen Griffiths Gnats so where is the cheapest place to buy some feathers and which ones ? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk