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  1. nickthomas

    Organza Bibio

    Hook: Fasna F-120 #14 Thread: Semperfli 12/0 black Body: 5mm foam cylinder Underbody: Black stripped organza ribbon and vicuña dubbing Legs: Red stripped organza ribbon Wing: Semperfli poly-yarn
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    Synth Sedge

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    Hot Tip Bugs

  4. nickthomas

    MIDJ Emerger Indicator

    A versatile pattern for lakes and rivers - just tie your fly of choice to the eye of the indicator.
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    Hends BL510 #16 Furled organza fibres for detached body (black & claret or brown & cream) Vicuna dubbing (black & orange or hare's ear sub) Organza fibre wings 5mm white foam coloured with sharpie pen More images at
  6. nickthomas

    Supa Dupa Pupa

    Hook: Hands BL599 #12 Thread: Semperfli nano silk brown Underbody: Green floss Body: Nymph skin and stripped organza ribbon wound together with nymph skin on top Back: Nymph skin and 3mm organza ribbon Eyes: Melted monofilament
  7. nickthomas

    Micro Midge

    Hook: Hends BL510 #16 (or however small you can go...) Thread: Semperfli 12/0 black Abdomen: Organza fibres red/claret/black/white Wings: Organza fibres Thorax: Black vicuna dubbing
  8. nickthomas

    Indicator Beetle

    Hook: Heads BL120 #10-14 Thread: Semperfli 12/0 black Abdomen: Black vicuna dubbing and 3mm stripped black organza ribbon. Thorax: Black vicuna dubbing and 6mm stripped black organza ribbon. Back: Black craft foam and 6mm green organza ribbon. Sighter: Fish-On ultra dry yarn bright pink...
  9. nickthomas

    Splott Spinner

    Hends BL454 #16 Semperfli nano silk 12/0 brown Tails: Get-Slotted Gallo de Leon Abdomen: Brown and cream organza fibres Wings: Semperfli poly yarn Thorax: Hare's ear sub & orange Vicuna dubbing
  10. nickthomas

    HESVO Shrimp

    Hare's ear sub vicuna dubbing and some organza....
  11. nickthomas

    JOPY Indicator

    Simple dry fly for fishing a jig-duo with a weighted bug.
  12. nickthomas

    Vidge Buzzer

    Black vicuna dubbing, white, red and orange organza fibres and a black organza ribbon thorax cover.
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    Duo Bug

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    Tufted Midge

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    Organza, just organza...