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    A renovation.

    Nice to see an old rod brought back to life, it looks great. How do you go about straightening an old cane rod?
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    Has anyone ordered anything from here
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    I've had these boots for a few years now and they're holding up well. Is it safe to fit studs to them and if so can anyone recommend some please. Never really had an issue with grip until yesterday, I was fishing a different river...
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    Has anyone bought one of these? Its the two weight I'm interested in.
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    Euro nymphing rod

    Thanks for the replies. I've not seen a solid tipped rod or blank for this type of rod but I wouldn't be surprised. I think what you need has more in common with a ledgering rod than a fly rod. The tip needs to be soft enough to detect bites but the blank has to be soft enough so that you can...
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    Euro nymphing rod

    What are you looking for in terms of rod action in a rod specifically for straight line nymphing? I'm not looking for suggestions for a rod, I'd like to build one. I'm just not sure exactly what action I'm aiming for. I'm driving myself crackers trying to figure out which blank to use. It...
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    My white rod is finished.

    A couple of months, it takes me about that long to build one as well. Nice job, looks quite striking all in white. What will you be chasing with it pike?
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    Recommend me some chest waders

    This might sound daft but make sure whatever you go for is a good fit. If the seams get stressed then they'll leak sooner rather than later.
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    Duo hooks

    I've only use barbless hooks and regularly tie a dropper directly to the bend of the hook, never had one come of yet. I suspect it depends a lot on the diameter of the tippet your using i'm normally using very fine 6X or 7X (0.13mm.) It may not be quite so secure with heavier tippet.
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    Monnow Social 2020

    If there is still space please add my name to the list.
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    10' 3# Euro nymph blank

    I'm sure you're right that reducing the weight would improve the rod for use as euro nympher but i'm not sure that's the whole story. I think the issue is the swing weight of the blank but how you'd go about measuring it is beyond me. I've looked at the maths about swing weight and it gives me a...
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    Good grief i had no idea what a dollaghan was. Lovely rod, hope we get to see pics of one of those beasties.
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    That's a cracking brownie, nice way to restart you season.
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    10' 3# Euro nymph blank

    medium fast but i'm no expert, I've never tried casting a 3 weight line on it. Its always been used for Euro style nymphing Can only get it to balance with a 5/6 weight reel. It feels horrible with a light 3 weight reel on it.
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    10' 3# Euro nymph blank

    I built a 10' 3# on a Nex tackle blank a couple of years ago for euro nypmhing. I weighed it and it came out at 97 grams, its fitted with lined Fujis rather than snake guides. Given how light it is it does feel tip heavy when used. I wouldn't recommend the blank for that use.
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    CTS 476 and an old Fibatube

    I'm a Muppet, before anyone else says its an Epic not a CTS. Was going to buy a CTS but found the Epic at a really good price whilst I was browsing the web.
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    CTS 476 and an old Fibatube

    No they're not from Hilevel, I turned the handles on a lathe. The corks from a mixture of places some i bought recently and leftovers from a previous builds. I like being able to make a handle that feels right for me and suits the rod.
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    CTS 476 and an old Fibatube

    Thanks for the compliments. Id never of figured out how to do wraps like that without the generosity of people sharing their experience on this forum and others. I'm sticking with varnish from now on, its a lot slower but easier to control than epoxy
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    CTS 476 and an old Fibatube

    Thanks The black rings are two turns of thread coloured with a black indian ink pen.
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    CTS 476 and an old Fibatube

    I've finally finished the two rods I've been working on. The first time I've used silk thread and varnish rather than epoxy. I decided to rework one of my first builds an old Hardy Fibatube blank as a practice run. I should have done the Epic blank first as silk thread on snake guides turned...