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    Articles you won't see in a fishing magazine

    How to pee with your waders on
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    Has anybody given these a go? World's Most Comfortable Waders – iWader On offer at ~£77.00 till 1pm today. They will then retail at over £200. For the price I thought I would take a punt...
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    Meadow Fishery Chester closed

    Another one bites the dust... Closed after 35 operational years, the new owners have no plans to continue operating as a fishery. This was my favourite small water and where I leaned to fly fish...:(
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    Top tip you were afraid to write

    How to pee with your waders on
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    Mono vs Thread furled leaders.

    I've used threaded furled leaders for many years, but never mono furled leaders. The idea of using mono came up on another post... Based on users experiences can anybody provide pro's con's and differences of using mono as opposed to threaded?
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    Teeny tiny nymphs on rivers

    I thought this was a nice article. Not always something we do here in the UK in conjunction with a heavier nymph/jig. I've tried it a few times previously, but in my head felt that there was a lack of contact with smaller nymph - I was probably fishing the small nymph too far away than the...
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    Which Airflo Di3 for new built rod?

    I've recently built a 9' 6 7wt from a Harrisons Lohric blank. Heaviest lined rod I now own, built for fishing Brenig from the bank, so never had any 7 weight lines before I've initially coupled it with a Snowbee XS floater and love the feel and load with this line. Now, looking for a Di3 and...
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    Rod bag/tube

    Can anybody advise of rod bag or rod tube supplier? To fit a 9' 6" 4 piece...
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    River level site beta - NO LIKE

    What are your opinions on the beta of the river levels site that has replaced the EA version? Personally I really do not like this version. The 'Text only' version of the EA site was much more functional enabling me to bookmark a catchment area so I could quickly view a monitoring station. Not...
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    Hook hold potential

    I've long been an advocate of a better hook hold potential with small hooks, so where would you put your trust given the following medium gauge wire straight shank, akin to say Kamasan B170? Lets assume stillwater bows are the quarry... Size 14 Size 16 Size 18 Experience/rationale behind your...
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    Special birthday destination?

    A special birthday will be with me in 18 months time (begins with 5 ends with 0). Having just celebrated my partners special birthday with its associated costs I though hey, if we spend that much on me then that would be a great fishing trip. So members, what would be your choice of fishing...
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    Hackle forward

    A picture of a Tenkara style fly posted by MadJoni on the small streams thread,, had me thinking. Traditional tenkara flies generally are well hackled with similar materials to NC wets. However, the...
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    Rat hanger

    Plagiarised this one from the Dee 'Rat' angler. The extra palmered hackle holds that little bit extra floating gloop when supporting lumps of tungsten. I'll give it a run out at the weekend Get a bigger image from the blog link if you fancy.
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    New Duo method?

    Had a quick trip to my local river yesterday. Whilst dropping a couple of bugs in a small pool, noticed a couple of, what appeared to be be, Czech nymphs hanging in a tree above my head. I obviously did the concientious thing and removed them with the tip of my rod. I was right, two Czech nymphs...
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    Short time is fishing time?

    Well, just been informed of a shorter working week due to the economic situation. Motor manufacturing is dead and fishing is not for the financially challenged:( Essentially Fridays off/fishing. However, will probably have to visit venues within push bike distance or on a bus route, such is the...
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    Pre-tied cast storage

    Any suggestions on storage accessories for pre-tied casts? I use the term pre-tied for 'pre-tied' and saved casts after a session.