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    First Glass Rod

    Much more reliable better action and very much like cane. You have definitely answered your own question. E-Glass would fit the bill for your stream. Let use know how you get one.
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    Palomar knot strength vs Improved Clinch Knot for Kings

    You must have tighten the knot up wrong, The Palomar knot strength is 91% more if you glue it. The imp- clinch is up to 86%. The Palomar is the strongest knot for braid.
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    Quad cane fly rod

    Alfie, Did you ask how much he charges for a new rod now.
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    Dry fly rod?

    I have a Scott 88-G- series for sale on here a wonderful dry fly rod.
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    Quad cane fly rod

    Quad rods are very popular in the USA, they tend to be stronger more robust and quicker action. How technically better you would have to ask a rod builder. Ask Splinters on here or Gary Marshall.
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    Unknown French Cane Maker

    I would say the correct term is Split- cane or bamboo. The American-ism of Boo is unnecessary.
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    Scott G2 8’ 4” #3

    I think you are picking nits, I don't think the so called quicker recovery is worth 750.00 over a good s/hand one:cautious:
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    Scott G2 8’ 4” #3

    But is it any better than the original G series I wonder. Having tried both I don't think so, ( but then I am slightly bias ) in favour of the original.
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    Hardy glass test, brook

    I enjoy glass as well, I have a ST. CROIX and a McFarland 7'9'' being built. And thinking about a Steffen bros. for next year.
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    Loop Greenline 13.2" #9

    Sorry I missed the line wt on the heading, a 9wt yes about 625 to 650gr
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    Rod Upgrade Recommendations

    Good advice Scotty, In normal circumstances but don't forget the Sage pulse graphite 111 a lovely casting rod as good as any other at 475.00 a good buy that will do everything the OP wants.
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    William Olsen Bench Made Fly Reels.

    Hello Steve, I like Wagner's attitude ( you get it when you get it ) in my layman's opinion it's one of the best engineered reels made, I think the no3 is the second batch he has made over a five year period. The whole reel is aesthetically pleasing and what skill he must have, Amazing.
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    Loop Greenline 13.2" #9

    I would think an Skagit line 400/ 425 would be about right. You can cut it back ( thick end ) to find the best weight for your rod. I prefer one piece lines myself a good choice would be the Barrio range, ( switch & scandi ).
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    William Olsen Bench Made Fly Reels.

    Have you both seen the J.D. Wagner model 3 probably one of the nicest reels about at the moment. I think he is going to be making the larger sizes soon.
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    Rod Upgrade Recommendations

    The Sage Trout LL mentioned by cgaines10 is a river Trout rod medium action, not a small lake/loch rod. The igniter you might find to stiff, a rod that will give you a combination of feel and power would be a Scott Radian 9' x 5 which is actually a five and a half.
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    Casting Troubles

    First get a book on casting by Lefty Kreh second by an 8' or 8'6'' x 4/5. Because it's easy to cast compared to an 8wt. If you buy maxcrap you end up with maxcrap. You can find a good enough rod second hand for fifty pounds if you ring around the dealers.
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    Sold to a Gentleman.
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    Hardy glass test, brook

    It seems they are not well liked by the Americans To soft and slow. Have a look at Woronoco custom fly rods or for a bit more money look at Graywolf fly rods.
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    Vision Waders?

    Has anybody tried Taimen menza sonic waders 204.00?