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    River Tees

    Just thought I'd start a thread about the River Tees. This is a lovely river in the NE of England that offers a wide variety of game fishing in some picturesque, unspoilt country. If anyone else fishes this river I;d love to hear their tales, successes, failures, etc I don;t get many...
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    Trout fishing near Caernrfon

    Hi, I'm off for a week with the family to Wales on Saturday, staying a couple of miles south of Caernarfon. My better half has kindly offered to let me go fishing and so I'm looking for some recommendations for river trout fishing that can, preferably, be accessed on a day ticket, not too far...
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    Wader recommendation?

    Does anyone have any recommendations (good or bad) on breathable waders? I had a pair of Orvis Endura but after a couple of seasons the seams started to leak and then an accident with some barbed wire at the end of last year finally put them to rest. I'd like to hear what other people think...
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    Starting Fly Tying

    Hi All, I want to start tying my own flies but don't really know where to start. Does anyone know of any fly tying classes in the North-East? I'm based at Barnard Castle but am happy to travel a little if needed. I've looked on the internet but can't find anything local. Any advice on how to...
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    South Uist/NW Scotland

    Hi All, I'm off for a weeks fishing in South Uist, starting next weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations of lochs/flies/tactics? I've got a copy of John Kennedy's book "70 lochs" but the choice seems overwhelming! After I come back from South Uist I'm planning to have a few days in the...
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    Fishing in Teeside

    Hi there, I'm heading up to Teeside next week for a couple of days with work and have some free time. Does anyone know of day ticket river fishing for trout around the Barnard Castle area? Also, is there a good, local tackle shop I can get some local flies, tickets and advice? Thanks in...