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    Aftm rating

    Is it the case that a fly rod with a higher AFTM will have more power when playing a fish? For example I have AFTM 5 and 8 nine foot rods. I intend to fish for salmon and Sea Trout on a medium sized Scottish river, apart from casting, will they both perform the same if I get a good fish on?
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    River tees at neasham

    There is apparently some free fishing at Neasham, the question is, is it fishable with fly, and is it wadeable? Just looking for an alternative to Broken Scar.......:thumbs:
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    Caravan site with fishing???

    Hi I am looking for a site in Cumbria or South of Scotland, but it must have the following:- Have static caravans for hire Have a club house or pub in walking distance Have fishing on site or close to (pref river game fishing but coarse considered) For example, I have identified Blackadder...
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    Fishng etiquette

    Here is the situation. Fished today on a free stretch of water. A guy arrived whilst I was worming, and took up the best fly fishing part of the beat. No probs. An hour or more later, I decided to get my fly rod out, and politely asked him if he would mind if I fly fished down the run. He...
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    Lake district caravan site

    Hi everyone can anyone recommend a site in Cumbria where I can hire a static caravan? The proviso is that it must have it's own fishing (Trout or coarse) AND have a clubhouse or pub within walking distance.................any suggestions:)
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    Fishing for bears

    A bit daft I know, but I want to fish for Salmon or Trout where there are bears. Even better, I want to see a bear when I am fishing............!!!:omg: I don't want to go Transatlantic, so....where? Just to make it difficult, I want to keep the cost under a grand. Any suggestions? Pity...
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    One fly........................

    OK. If you had to use just one fly pattern (hmm lets make it two!!) to save your life (eg you have to survive and feed you family in the wilderness, there are wild trout, and this is the only food source!!) What would it be? I would go for a combination of Goldhead PTN and Black Spider...
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    New abbey burn

    Can you still get day tickets for this lovely wee burn? You used to get them from the Post Office, I think.
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    What makes s fishing day memorable?

    We all remember the big fish, first fish and so on. But what makes a day truly memorable? For me, days that are burnt into my very being include:- The day I fished the beck in a howling gale and managed a 7" fish to save a blank The day I lost the only salmon I have ever hooked The day I...
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    What flies, lower tweed in may

    Just booked a day on the lower Tweed last week in May...........the question is, what flies to use? Shrimp patterns? If low water, should I use smaller flies like Teal Blue and Silver? :confused:
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    Have i understood spey casting then? is my understanding. You flick the line out in a sort of roll cast, down and across, then let the line come round until it is downstream of you, maybe let it hang a bit, then roll and flick out again. Move down a couple of steps, again roll it out. BUT..........unlike Trout...
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    Wild trout trust any good

    Has anyone taken up the offer of a free inspection and report by the Wild Trout Trust on your trout water, especially clubs? I am thinking of using them for a survey of our wee river. If you have used them, were you happy with the outcome, was there a useful report produced?
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    Reel seat loose

    Advice please. This is on a spinning rod, so I cant take the cork off and remove the reel seat and start again............the reel seat twizzles round, I have about 1/4" of room so I have scraped most of the old yuck glue out with wire, however, I cannot get it to stick again! Q is what glue...
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    This is a nice short book about a North country fly fisherman A fly fisherman's diary eBook: Gary Huckins: Kindle Store@@AMEPARAM@@ Not for dry fly purists but real fishing tales.
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    Eye water berwick

    Is this any good? I have heard that it can be a lovely wee water to fish, where do you get tickets? Is it any good? I am going up to Berwick area and am going to try some of the smaller waters............
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    Old abu fly rod

    I have just acquired an ABU fly rod.It is immaculate and has no marks on. The label says it is a "Scandia 578 zoom, 9` ABULON AFTM7-8, serial number 472035, made in Sweden. How old is it? Is it worth anything? It is a piece of art, no matter what.
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    Tees salmon

    Being an optimist here, I am going to assume that the Muppets in charge of the Barrage and Environment Agency get their act together and allow the salmon back up the Tees. Now then, which will be the best beats? There are some lovely pools at Broken Scar. Will the beats above the Scar be held...
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    Bird catching fish

    See this from the BBC BBC Nature - African tigerfish catch swallows in flight What fly could you use for these guys? Could be breed pike to catch Cormorants???? :omg:
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    Is it spring yet?

    I know I can fish over the winter................but it's just not the same. I go sea fishing in the winter instead. BUT, it's only 9 weeks to the Trout season............the birds will be singing, the leaves appearing, the olives hatching, the trout rising.......although, hang on, it may be...
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    Yorkshire esk grayling

    I have heard the odd rumour about people fishing in the winter for Grayling on the Yorkshire Esk. Trouble is, I don't think it is a goer for practical as well as sporting reasons? In 40 years fishing the Esk I have had precisely 3 Grayling! (I should add that this was during the Trout season)...