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    Sorry if its been asked in here before

    I did do a quick search but couldn't find a lot of information but has anyone tried John Noris flylines? They always seem reduced by a large amount and just wanted a couple of back up lines for the kids to use. Just wondered if they are every really sold for £35-40 and are they worth £7-10 cheers
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    Bass Bags

    Hi all what do you all recommend when it comes to bass bags and keeping the fish fresh? For as long as I can remember Ive used Chapman Bags but I need a replacement and the large bag is now £45 which seems a little much. I need something that I can fold up really small and carry in the back...
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    Hi A few years back I tried to catch a mullet on a fly with pretty poor results, well I say pretty poor - I didnt catch a thing (apart from a dab high in the water on a black pennall!) We tried a couple of waters in Wales and some more local waters (I'm in Norfolk) but just couldnt catch...
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    GT90 or Mallard?

    Hi everyone I know this site is a big fan of Barrio lines so I'm going to order one and give them ago. Just cant decide between the GT90 or Mallard. Most of my fishing is on a large still water fishing a WF6 on a 9'6'' rod with either buzzers, nymphs, hoppers and dries. Its a windy lake...
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    Wading boots, that arent wading boots

    So I have a problem. In short, I wear waders about 2-3 times year and my trusty cheep snowbee neoprene waders are fine however my boots have had it so I need a new pair. Trouble is I take a size 14 shoe. Hardly anyone makes a wading shoe that size and those that do are £160 plus and I simply...
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    Tungsten Beads

    Hello everyone Please excuse my lack of what is probably basic knowledge but........ Can you use tungsten beads with any hooks or do you need to buy special hooks? Is there a good place to buy the beads from? Thanks!
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    UV resin

    Apologies for posting this again as I am pretty sure I did post this once before but I cant find the thread but...... with christmas coming up the misses is asking for ideas and apparently a new Toyota Hi Lux or a Helios 3 is out of budget so figured flytying bits is the way to go. I quite...
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    Float Tubing Rental

    Hi Just wondered if there are any waters around where you can hire a float tube? I did it years ago while living in the States and loved it. There isnt anywhere near me that allows it so no point in buying one but was thinking if I could find somewhere that hired them out it would be worth a...
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    The colour of farmed trout fillets

    Hi all I rarely get to fish for wild trout, just live in the wrong part of the world i guess, so almost all of the trout i catch these days are stocked fish but Ive noticed more than ever a huge contrast in the colour of the fillets (I dont like to eat trout that much but we have to keep them...
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    Flyfishing in and around Birmingham

    Hi A friend of mine who lives in the Birmingham area is keen to get into flyfishing. I can help him from a far but I have no idea what waters are in the area? If anyone could help with either rivers or stillwaters in the area that would be really helpful! Thank you
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    River Coquet

    Hi Heading back up to Rothbury in a few weeks time. Anyone have any idea how it has been fishing? Is there any water in the river? I was hoping to squeeze in a few trips as I really enjoyed it last year (although didn't really find too many brownies) Any advice or updates would be hugely...
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    Sea Trout in the sea

    Hi Quick question, my understanding is that if you want to fish for sea trout you need a migratory licence however if you catch sea trout in the sea where you dont need a licence can you keep them? I only ask because every year while fishing for bass and mackerel I see runs of sea trout in the...
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    Fly Line Question

    Hi everyone. For years Ive used a number of different lines from Rio, Cortland, Scientific Anger and Snowbee. But I keep reading about Barrio lines and everyone on here seems to love them? In fact I'm not sure Ive seen a bad review? Are they really that good? They are less money than all of...
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    why have the trout gone deep?

    Im a member if a small still water (just under 30 acres) and its about 18ft deep. In the middle July and August the fish go deep during the bright sunshine and head to the weed only rising toward the end of the day once the sun has gone down. This time of year the fish are normally feeding well...
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    Stripped Peacock Quill

    Hi everyone Last season I knocked up a few stripped peacock quill buzzers that served me really well. But Ive noticed there is a huge variance in the quill once stripped, some have those lovely lines that make the buzzer really stand out, other quills dont have any line or are really black...
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    River Coquet

    Hi everyone I wonder if anyone could help me We have just been offered a house sit in Rothbury and I see that the River Coquet runs very close to the house. I've done a bit of googling and not come up with much other than it's a Salmon, sea trout and brown trout river. Although ive never...
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    UV resin help

    Hi Although have had tying stuff for years Ive never really spent any time learning to tie but Ive set my self a challenge that by next season I will only use my own tied flies on the still water I fish most of the time. Ive been looking at UV resin for some of the buzzers and nymphs which...
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    Chew Valley and Blagdon

    Hi everyone Hope this post is in the right place! Ive realised that in a few weeks I will find my self within spitting distance to Chew Valley and Blagdon. As the family will be in tow I doubt I'll get much fishing done but a half day or possible a whole day (if Im a good boy) should be...
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    Fly Rods around £60-80

    Hi all Could you help? My mate who is getting into flying fishing has been waiting for months for a 2nd hand fly rod to come up in this area and so far there has been very little so now wants to buy a new one. Ideally after a 9'6 #7 for around £60-80 There doesn't seem to be a lot between...
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    boobies and blobs

    Hi everyone Most of the time I fish a large still water thats pretty deep (around 20ft) and most of the year the water is very clear due to it being spring fed. For some reason over the last few days the fish are deep, really deep, even last night only a few fish took the sedges off the top...