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    River outfit for sale , now with photos,,Bargain

    if it fails for any reason can I have first refusal please
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    sage slt

    hi, where in the uk are you?
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    apple i phone 4

    £151!!!! I have not been on this forum long but I am amazed by the amateur approach to the sales section. It does neither the seller nor the buyer any favours. I am on a number of sports, vehicle and shooting forums all of which state that if you dont declare an asking price your ad will be...
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    htc desire s for sale

    Hope you manage to move this one on without 4 pages of idle bidding on it! Good luck
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    apple i phone 4 s 16gb brand new

    The mods should have pulled the ad before it got to 3 pages of wrangling. Seems an embarrasment for all concerned
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    Dale Pitt Lakes

    Re: Dale Pit Lakes I called by yesterday, not to fish but just to have a look. Im only 10 minutes drive away so dropped by. The guy said they were catching but I cant be much more help than that really. The place looks very nice and knowing the guy who owns it Im sure he will be putting some...
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    Canoe suggestions for Mr & Mrs A

    In the absence of identifying the ideal forum section Im going for this one. Im wanting a canoe for MrsA and I to spend a bit of time together on some local inland waterways, canals,rivers and do a bit of exploring. Im weighing up the pros and cons of a traditional open canadian type to a...
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    **GROUP BUY** Airflo Vest and Back Pack

    Mine arrived today from GAC. What a fantastic bit of clothing/equipment.....not sure which category. It is really well made with top quality fittings, D rings, zips etc. There is an almost infinite number of pockets , they seem to everywhere, inside outside, back, front etc. The zingers are...
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    **GROUP BUY** Airflo Vest and Back Pack

    GAryJ, sorry to mess you about but Ive got one of them from Glasgow as above. I didnt want to miss at that price. Hope you understand and good effort
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    Casting questions - whistle and wind?

    right, i see what you mean but what the technique of keeping the loop tight
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    Casting questions - whistle and wind?

    Guys! thanks very much for your offerings, I am wondering if what I heard was the line velocity. The more I read the more I think of the phrase by Benjamin Franklin "Learn from the skillful, He who teaches himself hath a fool for his master" Sounds like I would do well to spend a few quid on...
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    Casting questions - whistle and wind?

    Ive been chipping away at trying to improve my casting skills through reading up and watching you tube stuff. Im getting a bit better and trying to take on board all the hand,wrist,arm,stance etc but im still struggling in some circumstances. I have no confidence in casting in wind unless its...
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    Airflo Vest and Back Pack

    hmmm........looks like a bargain at £40.Ive asked father xmas for one
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    Lindholme Lakes (Sandtoft, Doncaster) Re-Opening for Trout Fishing ?

    Hi Neil I was there yesterday, at the same time as the guy above and his group. I had 8 fish out all nice fish and gave a good old fight. I must say it was hard work compared to last thursday when my pal and I stopped at 100 fish between us but I think it will get more difficult the more times...
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    airflo outlander chest pack

    Hi, sorry Ive been a bit slow. I had gone to bed when you PMd me last night and Ive been on afters today. If its gone no probs. My fault
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    airflo outlander chest pack

    Hi, if you still have for sale can i have first shout. Tony
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    Leather Gun Slip