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  1. 11foot5

    Coloured cormorants?

    I was thinking of tying up some different coloured cormorants. I normally use just black or white wings with the occasional olive. Has anyone had success with different colours, say peach, coral or sunburst etc etc??
  2. 11foot5

    Cove’s pheasant tail

    I recently (lockdown!) took a notion to tie and fish Cove’s pheasant tail. I’ve tried it now on smallish still-waters with zero success. I’ve been fishing it like a buzzer, little or no retrieve on a floating line. I’m surprised at its lack of success. Is it just me? Is it like a Peter Ross...
  3. 11foot5

    Silver holographic problem

    I’ve been adding silver holographic tinsel strips into the wings of some flys and it works well Except! it turns black ish after one or two outings, losing all the effect. You wouldn’t notice it against a black wing! Anybody else ever experience this?
  4. 11foot5

    UV or not UV that is the question!

    Pardon the simplicity of my approach here, but I don’t understand this UV material thing! If the human eye can’t see UV, how do we know that it’s present in materials? My (very limited!) understanding is that the materials which “glow” when a UV torch is shone on them is just...
  5. 11foot5

    Disappearing marabou!

    I was looking through old fly boxes today and noticed that a lot of my old cormorants had “missing” marabou, roughly half of it missing and particularly the thin tips. These flies are approximately twelve years old. I know it could be a bug of some sort but surely it wouldn’t stop at the tips...
  6. 11foot5

    Floating Snail?

    I know it’s a long shot but does anybody have a good floating snail pattern!! Thanks.
  7. 11foot5

    Black or bronze?

    I’m not sure about black hooks, just a notion? I have this (irrational?) feeling that they won’t catch as well as bronze. Anybody have any opinions on this matter??!!
  8. 11foot5

    Hook shape

    I’ve just started tying a few nymphs on hooks that have the hook point curving up towards the shank if you see what I mean. I’ve had the hooks for quite a while and thought I’d get round to using them. I can’t help thinking though that they won’t be effective hookers??!! You can drag the flies...
  9. 11foot5

    Synthetic quill

    Which synthetic quill is the best? I’ve tried a few but not particularly happy, maybe there’s a better one out there? Thanks.
  10. 11foot5

    Baking booby eyes

    Thinking of trying the baked booby eyes thing!! Any advice (apart from don’t try it!) I.e. what temperature and how long?
  11. 11foot5

    UV light on dyed goose biots

    Just noticed (by accident really) that some goose biots glow when the UV light is shone on them, especially the fluorescent ones? However, I tried some orange ones and they glowed bright lime green?!?! Is this something to do with the dye / dying process? Any information would be interesting and...
  12. 11foot5

    Trimming blobs?!

    I’m just starting to tie a few blobs (the dark side beckons!). The fritz comes in 15 or 10 mm. Do you ever “trim” the blob once you’ve tied it? I mean, trim the blob to make it tidier, or just to reduce the size from 15 mm to say 12? All opinions welcome! Thanks.
  13. 11foot5

    Pink thread on snakes?

    Does anybody know what the thread like material is on the FM pink snake please? I’m talking about the long dangling pieces of pink “thread” that dangle along the body from the head to near the rear of the fly. If you use a substitute, what is it ??!! Thanks.
  14. 11foot5

    Wanted Vision Koma spools / cassettes

    As per the title, anyone got Vision Koma spare spools / cassettes please? Alternatively might consider a complete reel. Thanks
  15. 11foot5

    What fritz?

    Which Fritz is best for the thorax of a size 10 or 12 cruncher please (not the colour, the type!)
  16. 11foot5

    Finest deer hair

    Was in a shop recently and bought some very small comparaduns, they were so well tied I couldn’t resist! The stunning feature was the very fine deer? hair. Natural fawn colour with black tips. Finest I’ve ever seen. What type could it be?? I’d love a piece of it! The flies were about 14 or more...
  17. 11foot5

    Booby cylinder cutters

    Eventually got round to fishing / tying boobies. What's the best set of foam cylinder cutters out there and where's the best place to buy them?!! Thanks gents.
  18. 11foot5

    Red tic like things?!

    Spooned a fish recently and found a few small living tic like things in it. They were about the size of a small pin head, red like a lady bird (might even have a small black dot) and wee black legs out the front like a tic you’d find on a cat or dog. Anybody know what these really are?
  19. 11foot5

    Torqeedo electric outboards

    Anyone have experience of torqeedo lithium electric outboards? What’s your thoughts?!
  20. 11foot5

    Humongous body material

    What’s the current favourite material for the Humongous body? In particular, the silver version. There are so many types / versions of fritz I’m confused!!! Thanks.