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    Appleby Eden

    Called in for a quick look on the Eden at Bolton Bridge on Mon afternoon on my way back across the A66 and it looked spot on, lots of Mayfly and fish taking them so decided on a visit today. Got a phone call at 4am to say my dad had passed away in hospital but it had been expected as he was on...
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    Appleby Holme Farm

    Had a walk along this beat today, intended fishing but it showed 5C on the car temp gauge so decided to save it until it warms up a bit! What a lovely bit of water with such easy access for us with dodgy knees and backs! I walked it with my wife and it was fabulous watching a kingfisher flashing...
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    Appleby Eden

    Just back in from a few hours on the Eden. I fished the sewage works, it sounds awful but it's a lovely stretch of river. The air was thick with Hawthorns when I arrived and fish were taking them so it was an obvious choice of fly! I fished a detached foam bodied Hawthorn but the fish wouldn't...
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    Appleby Eden again!

    Back on the Eden today, lots of Grannom about but the only fish showing any interest were juvenile grayling splashing at them - even the egg laying females were being ignored! I was a bit surprised at the amount of algae growing in the shallows that were in full sunshine, it was like mid summer...
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    Appleby Eden

    Went to fish the Eden today and parked at the bridge at Bolton. When I got out of the car it was freezing (cold downstream easterly wind) so decided just to have a recce instead and left my gear in the car. I walked down to Ousenstand bridge and back and saw 1 rise only. I saw half a dozen up...
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    New member

    Hi all, just a post to say hello. I am from Yorkshire originally but now live in Cumbria. I have just joined Appleby AA and have walked the lower beats a couple of times but not yet fished it. I was a member of Masham club on the Ure for many years and it looks like very similar fishing. If...