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    Has anyone ordered anything from here
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    I've had these boots for a few years now and they're holding up well. Is it safe to fit studs to them and if so can anyone recommend some please. Never really had an issue with grip until yesterday, I was fishing a different river...
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    Euro nymphing rod

    What are you looking for in terms of rod action in a rod specifically for straight line nymphing? I'm not looking for suggestions for a rod, I'd like to build one. I'm just not sure exactly what action I'm aiming for. I'm driving myself crackers trying to figure out which blank to use. It...
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    CTS 476 and an old Fibatube

    I've finally finished the two rods I've been working on. The first time I've used silk thread and varnish rather than epoxy. I decided to rework one of my first builds an old Hardy Fibatube blank as a practice run. I should have done the Epic blank first as silk thread on snake guides turned...
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    50# silk thread

    Hi I've been lurking on the forum off and on for a few years. Always managed to find an answer to any puzzles I had with regard to rod building so thanks to all who contribute. I've been experimenting with transparent rod wraps on the two rods I've got on the go at the moment. The new rod has...