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    John Tyzack

    Small Streams DVD Recieved my copy of John Tyzack/Dean Andrews' latest DVD on fishing small streams last week and just got round to watching it (the Missus kept me busy all weekend......and not in a good way.) Basically a guide to fishing the Duo and dry fly in small streams, including some...
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    River Tees

    Rover, I should have made my report a little cleaer. The "near 2 lb fish" I took was a Grayling. I've had a few Grayling well over a lb from the Tees, mainly from the same stretch. The trout I've had, whilst being plump and feisty fighters, only seem to go to about 1 lb. There may be bigger...
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    River Tees

    Just thought I'd start a thread about the River Tees. This is a lovely river in the NE of England that offers a wide variety of game fishing in some picturesque, unspoilt country. If anyone else fishes this river I;d love to hear their tales, successes, failures, etc I don;t get many...
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    River Dane - Cheshire

    River Dane Yeah, I think the Dane is a funny river in some respects. It obviously has a rich enough food source to sustain good Grayling, Chub to >4lb and some large Barbel (I've had them to 8 lb and I've heard of double figure fish) and yet a wild trout of anything over a few ounces seems a...
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    River Dane - Cheshire

    River Dane Supposedly, the Grayling are only to be found on the Congleton side of Havannah Weir, which is why the EA refuse to let Eaton Flyfishers stock their stretch of the Dane with Grayling. I've also had some cracking Grayling from the Dane on maggots around Holmes Chapel. I've never had...
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    Trout fishing near Caernrfon

    PiB, many thanks again for all your help. I cant find details of who owns the fishing on Llyn y Gadair. Is it available on a ticket from the Cwellyn Arms? From the website, I like the look of Gwyfai.......hears hoping the trout are in a good mood next week! Daran
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    Trout fishing near Caernrfon

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I may try and get a day on Llyn Nantlle and also a day on one of the rivers. It all looks good. Cheers, Daran
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    Trout fishing near Caernrfon

    Many thanks IanD and PiB.....the information you sent through looks good and I'm sure I can wile away at least a day on the rivers. I've no real experience fishing lakes.....can Llyn Padern or Nantlle be fished from the bank? I've not got a 8ft'll be a choice of either a 8 1/2 ft 5...
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    Trout fishing near Caernrfon

    PiB, many thanks for your reply. We're staying at Dinas Dinlle, which is about 10 mins south of Caernarfon. I'd be grateful for any information you can give. Thanks, Daran
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    Trout fishing near Caernrfon

    Hi, I'm off for a week with the family to Wales on Saturday, staying a couple of miles south of Caernarfon. My better half has kindly offered to let me go fishing and so I'm looking for some recommendations for river trout fishing that can, preferably, be accessed on a day ticket, not too far...
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    River Advice Please - Brown Water (Dane)

    River Dane Hi SAB, the river Dane colours up very quickly after rain as it has a very silty bottom for much of its length. The good news is that it does tend to "fine down" very quickly again. I've seen it 2-3 ft higher than normal and running chocolate brown one day and then fishable 36...
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    Early Season Trouting Weekend

    Roy asleep with the barmaid? So, along with the barbed-wire fence on the upper beat, that's two things Roy struggled to get his leg over this weekend :D
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    Early Season Trouting Weekend

    early season trouting weekend Just to add my thanks to John and Gina for an excellent weekend. The weather wasn't good and the fishing was hard, certainly compared to last year. However, we all caught fish and, more importantly, we all learnt a heck of a lot. Many thanks, again. I think Roy...
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    Favourite Make

    Favourite what?
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    Wader recommendation?

    Does anyone have any recommendations (good or bad) on breathable waders? I had a pair of Orvis Endura but after a couple of seasons the seams started to leak and then an accident with some barbed wire at the end of last year finally put them to rest. I'd like to hear what other people think...
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    Starting Fly Tying

    Hi All, I want to start tying my own flies but don't really know where to start. Does anyone know of any fly tying classes in the North-East? I'm based at Barnard Castle but am happy to travel a little if needed. I've looked on the internet but can't find anything local. Any advice on how to...
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    Fishing Trip

    Grayling Prof, for grayling fishing I can recommend the Welsh Dee. The Bala Angling stretch near Llanderfel has fantastic grayling fishing, I've had them to well over 2lb and they can be taken on both drys and nymphs. In one 2 hour session last September I had about a dozen grayling, all on...
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    New Zealand river recommendations

    Robbie, plenty of advice on tackle in the website I forwarded to you in the other post. I took a 9ft 5wt with a WF line. Get flies, leader etc out there, it's cheap enough and saves you carrying it out. I fished around the Taupo area, including the Tongariro and the Whanganui, which was just...
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    NZ travel and customs help please

    Robbie, I had a month's fishing in NZ earlier this year. You are in for a real treat! I didn't want to take any risks (I got differing advice from the airline and the airport authorities about taking rods in hand-luggage) so I packed all my gear in my checked-in luggage. You will get...
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    Best Fishing Programme ?

    Anything with Paul Young (Hooked on Scotland, Hooked on Fishing, Fishing Roadtrip USA......) is always entertaining. I've also become a fan of Henry Gilbey, his enthusiasm and sheer at joy simply to be fishing is infectious. A Passion for Angling is also a classic, which I can watch again and...