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  1. warrenslaney

    Help with water sampling Derbyshire Derwent

    Aye Up I'm looking for help from people down the length of the Derwent who can collect water samples from river. This will mean putting a small sample bottle (provided) into the river on the end of a litter-picker and collecting about 30ml of water from near to the river bed. The survey...
  2. warrenslaney

    Bass in Dumfries

    Off up there on a trip. Wondered if there was one spot better than another? Don't give me your secret spot, not asking for it, just perhaps somewhere well known where you have a chance. Thanks.
  3. warrenslaney

    What's the real story?

    Howsham Weir 'consultation'. A weir with two turbines on their already, wanting a third. Mention of five other weirs we own, a whiff of being consulted on one as a precedent for the rest? No technical info included nor any link to follow. Is the question, 'should we put a fish pass on a a weir...
  4. warrenslaney

    The end of DECC

    I used to think the Environment Agency pipped Natural England to the post of being the most useless government department. That was before I met the DECC representatives at the Game Fair and corresponded with them for some weeks after on the subject of hydropower. They knocked those...
  5. warrenslaney

    Ogden Day 2016

    Sunday June 5th 2016. 10am. Bakewell Bridge. On this day it will be one hundred and fifty one years since Mr James Ogden demonstrated his floating flies on the Derbyshire Wye below Bakewell Bridge. The day after our dry-fly-only rule was adopted and has been in place ever since. It is custom...
  6. warrenslaney

    Is the balsam showing yet?

    Just thought I'd ask, with the blossom on the trees and the grass growing well, anyone seen any signs of Himalayan Balsam yet? Thanks.
  7. warrenslaney

    I've never really understood circles...

    I need to find the area of fluid in a sewer pipe. The pipe is 225mm in diameter. The depth of fluid in the pipe is 180mm. Can anyone help please? The dam thing is robbing my river of its flow. Thanks
  8. warrenslaney

    Water memory

    First Viktor Schauberger's Living Water, which I totally get, and now this;
  9. warrenslaney

    Only 17% of rivers at Good Ecological Status

    According to Paul Knight on Costing the Earth When the Water Framework Directive was signed up to by the UK, the legal target was for 100% of rivers to be at Good Ecological Status by 2015. Only 17% are there. I wonder how many were at Good Ecological Status before 2000?
  10. warrenslaney

    Riverkeeper, Fishery Worker, Fishery Manager or Water Bailiff

    I think I know the difference but having spoken a journalist recently about these roles, I'm not so sure. What was Sawyer? What was William Lunn? Are there any riverkeepers left, and were there any in the first place?
  11. warrenslaney

    Come on, it's a gravy train!

    Under a piece of legislation brought out in 2010, any breech of environmental law may now be punished by the company or person paying a local charity a sum of money instead of being prosecuted. Why are the fishery and rivers trusts so slow at applying for these funds? The Wildlife Trusts and...
  12. warrenslaney

    Please, no trout photos.

    It will be of no significance to anyone other than myself but I've ended my subscription of FF&FT after reading a cynical blog post, this time by 'Sum Guy' calling himself the damp angler. Sum Guy has a photograph of an out of season trout, and details of how he failed by catching it, including...
  13. warrenslaney

    Anyone from Ilkeston?

    Long shot, but we looking for a fly tipper. He lives in Ilkeston and this is the outlook from his home. Anyone recognise it please?
  14. warrenslaney

    Rust fungus on balsam

    In August last year Cabi, sponsored by the EA and DEFRA, released a fungus they brought from Nepal, to limit the growth of Himalayan Balsam in this country. How's that going? Does anyone know?
  15. warrenslaney

    American Signal Crayfish- myth busters

    We are in our third year of trapping after a river we took over was found to be infested with the things. Although very late coming out of hibernation this year we are finding our numbers to be well down on last year which in turn was well down compared to year one. There is a wisdom that we...
  16. warrenslaney

    Orange Balsam

    We've been walking past it for the last couple of years and only now have a clear id and an industry opinion on what it can do to our river banks. It's harder to spot than HB and is far more resistant to biocides. Another worthy adversary then and next on the list of things to kill off to...
  17. warrenslaney

    Dry Fly Fisheries

    I'm not looking for places where the keeper allows wets to be used when its hard, or places where 'gentlemen' may cast nymphs, nor those spots where the rule is abandoned after the mayfly, but I would appreciate info on other dry fly only river fisheries in England please. Thanks
  18. warrenslaney

    Dry Fly Only; 150yrs old this coming June.

    This coming June 5th will mark 150yrs since James Ogden, fishing the Wye below Bakewell Bridge, demonstrated his original floating dry flies to an audience of locals, fishermen, agents and keepers. Dry Fly Only was adopted the following day. As a testimony to the man, who literally risked his...
  19. warrenslaney

    Greys Rep

    Anyone know a good Grey's rep please? Email/Phone? Appreciated. :thumbs:
  20. warrenslaney

    How we beat hydopower

    One of the first things to hit you when you discover a hydro scheme is being proposed is just how far it has advanced before you found out about it. The Developer will have spoken to the EA and worked with them through a pre-ap. The is a process that enables the EA to advise the Developer on...