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  1. DrRob

    Books for sale

    I have the following books that i'm selling due to lack of space and nagging wife. Postage is £2 per book. All books are in excellent condition. £5 - My Side of the River (reflections of a Catskill Fly Fisherman) – Roger Menard, SOLD to sunkistbob £10 - Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods – Wayne...
  2. DrRob

    Hardy Perfect

    For sale aVintage Hardy Perfect 3 3/8 trout Reel. R.H.W. The Agate line guard has no cracks, Ribbed brass foot. The inner plate is marked with a number 42 and the letter Y. The reel is in excellent working condition with only a few scratches.
  3. DrRob

    For All Upstream Nymph Fishers

    There has been not end to the rights and wrongs of the correct indicators to use for upstream nymphing. Maybe Orvis have come up with the perfect solution :rolleyes:
  4. DrRob

    Yorkshire Waters

    Ey Up ! I manage finally to shake off the cabin fever and have a couple of day’s trouting on the Wharfe earlier in the week. Sunday was my first outing of the new season, needless to say the first fish of the season to come to the net was a small grayling of about 6” taken on a Black Spider as...
  5. DrRob

    Hordern's Olive

    I'm looking for a dressing called Hordern's Olive invented by the late actor Sir Michael Hordern does anyone have any info?
  6. DrRob

    C&F Design Fly Boxes

    :( I was given a C&F 6 Row Flybox with Flip Panel for Christmas, we are now in June and the box has completely disintegrated with the plastic hinge split down both sides rendering the box useless. Has anybody else suffered this problem with their boxes ? I get the feeling their range of fly...