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  1. Mrtrout

    Cocoons polarising sunglasses? What lens colour/frame?

    I use low light lenses in my Costas, no pun intended but it’s been a real eye opener. S.
  2. Mrtrout

    A gift..

    Very nice, I used to have those. S. ×
  3. Mrtrout

    Robert Smith.

    × Ive spoken with him Andy thanks last night, I was just after a signed copy of his book. S.
  4. Mrtrout

    Getting colder now.

    Aye it was a cold wet day here as well Jim, fished all day in showers my hands were freezing, glad to get home to a hot shower and a red wine or two. It was hailstoning near my daughters at Southport. vest on tomorrow and maybe the long Johns. S.
  5. Mrtrout

    Robert Smith.

    × Thanks Peter, much appreciated. Steven.
  6. Mrtrout

    Robert Smith.

    × Not sure but he’s not replying to things. S.
  7. Mrtrout

    Robert Smith.

    I’ve been trying to contact Robert Smith author of North Country flies book. Tried via his contact me bit on his website, but no joy? I used to supply him with furled leaders and just want to ask him something, if anyone has his email address I’d be most grateful. TIA. S.
  8. Mrtrout

    A view of my latest Reel

    That’s just lovely G, I quite fancy that. S. ×
  9. Mrtrout

    Mortimer & Whitehouse

    I like the show, I’m just not a big fan of Mortimer as I said. S.
  10. Mrtrout

    Sand in your boots?

    I think the insoles were originally glued in, but of late they have detached hence why sand was getting underneath and building up. I will in future remove them and flush out after every trip. Thanks to all who replied. S.
  11. Mrtrout

    Sand in your boots?

    No one gets sand in their boots then?? S. ×
  12. Mrtrout

    Leader drifting

    The way I read it you are using a 15ft tippet? if that’s so is it a tapered one or straight through mono. Try using a 10 ft one and see if that turns over better, with the weight of flies you have on it seems strange to me that it just crumples at the end of your main line? S.
  13. Mrtrout

    Mortimer & Whitehouse

    I can watch Paul Whitehouse all day but Mortimer is really starting to annoy me with his crap one liners. I never found him funny with Reeves, it was very slapstick stuff on adult tv. S.
  14. Mrtrout


    My order placed on the 1st arrived today, so three weeks, not bad at all. S.
  15. Mrtrout

    Sand in your boots?

    Out today and felt a lump in my left wading boot, a bit like I’d got a bit of the neoprene booty bunched up? Took it off but it wasn’t that, came home and had a proper look. I removed the insoles to find a LOT of sand had got packed underneath causing a ridge. Ive had these Taimen wading boots...
  16. Mrtrout

    PAA Rivers

    It certainly was a cold day, we struggled my friend had two small trout on spiders then we both chased a pod of small grayling. They were fast as lightening, and the odd one was caught on a #18 Fiddler. I was glad to get home and have the central heating on. Massive change from yesterday but at...
  17. Mrtrout

    Help with my rod×
  18. Mrtrout

    Help with my rod

    Hi Mark, the old spigot joint problem, I take it from your picture that it is pushed fully home but still loose? You can buy a spray of graphite build up, never tried it but I think you can spray the male part and it builds up each time ensuring a tight fit. S.
  19. Mrtrout

    PAA Rivers

    Aye it was a tough day, I had one grayling on the dry and dropped a decent trout, my friend had a few small ones on spiders. Eden was very low and clear. S.
  20. Mrtrout

    one for the tackle tarts

    My Zhu Classic was very polished and very similar.