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    Upper Welsh Dee

    A Salmon rod has become available on the 'Alwen Junction Beat' for 2013 season.This is a 'Wednesday' rod on a two rod beat with easy access to the Fishing Lodge and 7 named pools. Please enquire with Gwilym Hughes. 07889 423986.:thumbs:
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    Chirk fishery

    Chirk Fishery is alongside the B4500 road inbetween Chrik and Glynceiriog, not far off the English border. The two pools are well stocked with free rising trout making it a desirable venue when the local River Dee is flooding the fields. I had a small group of five anglers there today who...
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    Gwilym Hughes Step by Step

    Have four patterns up on my website, hope they are of use to you. The GH Bloodworm The GH Coch y Bonddu Beetle The GH Sedge Emerger The GH Cul de Canon
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    Hardy Sirrus 11' 6#

    Hardy Sirrus 3 piece 11' 6# in 'as new' condition, in tube, £120 posted.
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    Ogden Smith Salmon Rod

    What is this worth then, any collector interested? 14' with 2 tops.
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    Exclusive Private Beat, 2 rods available.

    River Dee / Alwen junction North Wales 2012 season Due to unforseen circumstances two rods have become avaiable for the 2012 on this exclusive beat. A Tuesday rod and a Wednesday rod This is a two rod beat on a named day per week throughout the season. Average catches for the past three...
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    R.L.Winston IM6 9' 6" 6#

    Surplus to requirement a 3 piece R.L.Winston 9' 6" 6# in a Gold coloured metal tube. Rod is in as new condition. £250.00 ono . I will stand postage in uk. Please PM
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    Hardy Zane 9' 6# + Zane '0' Reel and line.

    Hardly used, surplus to requirement: Hardy Zane 4 piece Rod 6 # in Tube & Zane Reel with a Snowbee WF floating line thereon. Rod retailed at £399.00 Reel retailed at £299.00 Line at £35 = Total: £733.00. In as new condition, will post free of charge in uk. £400 ono. for the outfit. Please PM.
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    'the angle of the cast'

    Christmas Gifts. I can personalise a Book for you. Some details here: Also some DVD's available. Please make contact by e mail:
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    Mitchell 710 Automatic Reels

    Sorting through and disposing of some of my father's fishing gear. There are 3Mitchell 710 Automatic Reels. One is in perfect working order, one with possibly a broken spring and one with face and spring missing. There are 10 spare spools also. Lines are past it. Offers invited.
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    Hardy Uniqua 14' and Reel

    Hardy Uniqua 14' Double Handed 9# 4 piece with a Hardy Uniqua 9 / 10 # Reel, unused, surplus to requirement. Both together they retail at £628.00. Rod is £399 Reel is £229. Will sell for £400 for both or will split, Rod £250, Reel £150.
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    Donald Downs

    I received the sad news this weekend that Donald Downs, President of the Game Angling Instructors Association, passed away last Thursday 10th February 2011. Donald was a great Flytyer and some of you may remember him around the shows during the early 2000's. Elderly gentleman in Tweeds...
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    Brown Trout River Fishing April

    River Brown Trout fishing trip Monday April 4th – Friday 8th 2011 with guides Gwilym Hughes and John Higgins based in Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland. Rivers // Liffey / Slaney / Nore / Erkina / Goul. In a small group of 3 Anglers (Rod has become available for this trip, a cancellation due...
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    WANTED. Hardy's Anglers knife No1,2,3, or 4 please make contact Gwilym at:
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    'The Angle of the Cast'

    'Fishing Book' Autobiography about my life at the Angling Game in its various guises, some acolades here and details. The Angle of the Cast'
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    Greys 9'6" Xflite 6# 4 piece

    As new will accept £100, please pm.
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    Benefit from over 50 years of experience at Game Angling in all it’s guises. Game Angling Instructor / Coach, qualified at the highest level to deliver all aspects of Casting and Guiding for Salmon / Seatrout / Trout and Grayling. GAIC / Level 2 CCA / APGAI in all disciplines, Double Handed /...