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    Wanted! William Joseph Amp chest pack

    Hi boys and girls - does anyone have one of these they'd like to shift on? My New Man Purse ? William Joseph Amp Chest Pack If so, please drop me a line ;) Theo
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    New Wychwood Drift rods

    Hi chaps - I've seen a couple of fairly generic reviews of this new range recently and wondered if anyone has used them for real yet? I'm particularly interested in the little tiny 6ft 2wt... Thanks in advance! Theo
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    Derbyshire Derwent: signal crayfish and grayling

    Hi all - I've just been reading the October issue of T&S, and noticed the following in the Derbyshire Waters fishing report: "Our rivers currently remain low and clear but the Derwent has been carrrying some sediment that may be attributable to the activities of signal crayfish, the numbers of...
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    Beavers and Japanese knotweed

    Hi all - On the whole, I'm prepared to be pretty open minded on the subject of reintroducing beavers to the UK (having read the sediment / P / N reduction results of the Devon beaver trials, and had conversations with Canadian river menders who assure me that beaver dams are nowhere near as...
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    Wimbleball: wild browns from the bank?

    Hi all - Next week I've got the possibility of trying Wimbleball for the first time. I'm aware that the management regime has changed this season - no more boats, or rainbows being stocked - but I'm attracted to the idea of bank fishing for the (apparently) good numbers of wild browns. I...
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    Fishing in Switzerland: rules and regulations

    Hi all - If you're interested in fishing in Switzerland, but you've been scratching your head about the relationships between the different rules and regulations (by canton!) Martin Putter has just written this fascinating article for my Urbantrout website: » Fishing in Switzerland: It?s...
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    Please vote for Wandle cleanups in 2017!

    Hi all - The Wandle Trust has submitted a bid to the AVIVA Community Grant to fund Wandle cleanups in 2017 - and it's now the last day of public voting in this round of funding bids. As many members of this forum will know, Wandle community river cleanups are incredibly popular and we need...
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    Old skool Orvis Battenkill LA II

    Hi chaps - One of my fishing pals (a member of this forum many years ago but no longer) is looking for an Orvis Battenkill large arbor reel - the old skool super large arbor design, black finish, size II (ie 3-4 line weight). If anyone's...
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    Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack (15L size)

    NOW SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT ETC Hi all - this is the new, larger 15L version of the classic Patagonia sling bag which was launched earlier this year, in the 'light bog' olive green colour. Patagonia Stealth Atom Fly Fishing Sling Pack 15L Here's the blurb from Patagonia: --- A versatile...
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    Erin Block: View from Coal Creek

    Hi all - does anyone have a copy which they might be looking to sell? A few copies seem to be available via American sites, but shipping and the dollar exchange rate are pretty wince-inducing at the moment... Many thanks! Theo
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    Carrying a DSLR on the water?

    Hi chaps - I'm now in the process of upgrading my camera gear to a Nikon D3300 or similar small DSLR, and was wondering how others carry theirs for easy access on the water. A professional photographer friend of mine very casually carries his long lenses uncased and swinging from a shoulder...
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    Airflo Streamtec Nantec 10ft 5/6wt?

    Hi all - Can anybody comment on the 10ft 5/6wt flavour of the Streamtec Nantec, possibly with a suitable WF5F Super Dri line, for throwing small streamers on rivers (not full budgies, just lightly-weighted trout lures up to about 3 - 4 inches?) I notice that this rod got a pretty high rating...
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    Tony Mora biker boots (UK Mens size 8.5 / Euro size 42)

    Hi all – anyone want a pair of premium designer biker boots (tan coloured, UK mens size 8.5 as above) for a knockdown price? I bought these from R.Soles several years ago but have only worn them once (too small!) So they’re in good, very lightly used condition, with slight wear to soles and...
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    Ken / Dee system in Galloway?

    Hi chaps - In August this year I'll be staying for a few days near New Galloway and St John's Town of Dalry. The holiday cottage apparently has some of its own fishing on the Ken, so I thought I'd ask the forum: - does anyone have experience of fishing the Ken? Obviously the Annan and Nith get...
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    Greys Streamflex XF2 10ft 2wt

    Hi chaps - Must be something to do with the time of year... does anybody have one of these that they're not using? Please drop me a PM if so, or fire me a message via my blog: » Contact me Happy New Year (almost) to all! Theo
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    Quagga mussels found in UK for first time

    Hi all - Needless to say, this is not good... press release just received from the Angling Trust: --- Alien Quagga Mussels discovered in England Top Invasive Non-Native Species discovered in the Thames A species identified by the Government as one of the most destructive invasive non-native...
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    Hollow monofilament braid?

    Hi chaps - I'm looking for a source of hollow monofilament braid (the kind you might use for making braided loops), preferably grey or green in colour, in about 18 - 20lb test as recommended by Jeremy Lucas for his presentation leader rigs. Can anyone suggest a source? Many thanks in advance...
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    Trout in Dirty Places caps: Bank holiday special!

    Hi all - Whilst going through the Urbantrout warehouse this weekend, we found a small box of original Trout in Dirty Places caps - and thought we'd put them online with FREE P&P (UK only) until midnight on Tuesday: » Bank holiday special: Trout in Dirty Places caps Who wants one? ;) Theo
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    Lamson Litespeed II (1.5 size)

    Hi guys - Maybe a long shot but thought I'd ask if anyone has a good-condition old(er) Litespeed II in the 1.5 size that you might be looking to move on... maybe to upgrade to this season's shiny new Speedster? ;) Could also look at a swap for a lovely little J Austin Forbes Sandstone - highly...
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    Wanted: Daiwa Alltmor S 8ft 4-5wt (5pc)

    Hi all - Does anybody have one of these lurking in their shed or garage? I've got the 7ft 6in 3-4wt and have recently started wondering how the slightly longer and heavier version compares. Many thanks! Theo