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  1. J

    Fulling mill flouo v2

    Hi all. I have been using the original fulling mill fluorocarbon for years and have full confidence in it. I was talking to a fella yesterday and he mentioned it has been discontinued and replaced by a version 2. He reckons he has found it snaps at the knots. Will be gutted if it is worse than...
  2. J

    Shakespeare electric outboard motor

    Hi all. Was out on the boat last weekend when my outboard stopped working in reverse gears. It then stopped working full stop. After a few mins it then started to work in forward but not reverse. After a few more minutes it seemed OK in fwd and reverse. I am told the switch could be on outs way...
  3. J

    Orvis Warranty.

    Hi all. I bought a Helios 1 which I broke a couple of years ago, and they replaced it with a Helios 2 no questions asked. Does anyone know if the warranty just covers original owner. I have looked at the paperwork and it doesn't specifically state that. Cheers.
  4. J

    Loomis warranty

    Hi. Hope someone can help. I broke my Loomis GLX Native Run today. I bought it new from a local small tackle shop fairly cheaply. I think he imported a few from the USA. I have had it a good few years and cannot find the warranty (if I even ever had one). Is it a write off or is it worth me...
  5. J

    Local comp rules

    Hi. I arrange a small fly fishing comp with a few colleagues. The rules are pretty standard. No trolling, cast in front of boat, max 4 hook points etc. On the day of the comp the lake was well stocked. The stockies started to play ball in the afternoon. So I caught a fish on top dropper and...
  6. J

    Pimped Drogues

    Anyone pimped up their Drogues. I find the rope length on my Wychwood a bit long and feel it needs some weight to make it set quicker.
  7. J

    Dropper length.

    I do a fair amount of rezzie fishing from a boat. When fishing small dries using nylon which is fairly supple I find longer droppers wrap round the main line. Last week one of my droppers was down to about 3ins and it didn't wrap half as much. Also had as many takes on this dropper as the point...
  8. J

    Straightening a coiling line.

    So I have had a number of Cortland peach classic floaters over the years and they generally are fantastic. Last season I bought a new one and the end section maybe 15ft snakes a bit on the water especially in a flat calm. I have tried stretching it a few times before fishing but it always seems...
  9. J

    Airflo sixth sense floater

    Just received the latest Airflo Spring catalogue and there are sixth sense floating lines reduced to £24.99. I know the general rule is never buy an Airflo floater, but surely after all these years, they must be able to produce a memory free floater. I love the profiles of Airflo Delta sinkers...
  10. J

    Battery Care

    My last 2 leisure batteries have only lasted a couple of seasons each. Admittedly I run them past 50 percent discharge most trips. Now when I use them they barely last 3 hours before dying. Having done much research it appears they could be sulphated. There are some suggestions on how the...
  11. J

    Sink tip not sinking

    I won a Wychwood big dipper sink tip line in a comp. Have used it s couple of times but really disappointed with it as the front 10ft sinking section rarely sinks. I have even tried Fuller's earth on it which helps a bit but washes off after a while. Tempted to bin the line, but anyone any...
  12. J

    Connecting leader to flyline.

    Ok so I have always used braided loops and don't have a major issue with them. I am sure there is a neater way though. I think I have seen somewhere u can strip the last inch or so of the plastic and form a loop. Does this only work on some kind of lines or all of them. Would it work on Airflow...
  13. J

    Airflow sixth sense DI7

    I bought one of these about 5 years ago and very rarely use it - maybe 10 times in total. Anyway out on the boat today and the fish were deep so I put it on. Very hot day and I noticed the line was like sticky as if it was melting. As the day wore on the coating started to come off in my hands...
  14. J

    Line retainers

    Hi all. I use Fulling Mill Flourocarbon most of the time and have a few spools in my waistcoat pocket. The elastic retainers are a bit rubbish and I nearly always have to re-spool a few foot of line on the spools after nearly every fishing trip. I was thinking of using a bit of blu-tack on each...
  15. J

    Kinked Cortland line

    Hi all - I have bought many Cortland Peach 444 floating lines over the years and they have always been very good. I bought one recently and spooled it to my reel direct from the spool - no problems - no twisting. However I have used it a couple of times now and it does not lie straight on the...
  16. J

    trimming cdc

    Sometimes I am a bit lazy and buy my flies. So I bought some size 18 CDC f flies and they arrived. Loads of CDC but the feathers are far too long - the fly looks like a size 14 on an 18 hook. I want to shorten the CDC feathers and the flies will be perfect, but seem to remember its not a good...
  17. J

    Leader material for dry flies

    Ok - I realise this must have been asked on here a million times but my query is a bit more specific. In the past I used flourocarbon in various b/s for all my fishing - dries, nymph and lure. A couple of years ago I started boat fishing and found that the flouro was dragging my flies under...
  18. J

    Marking line ratings on Hardy Demon Spools

    Hi - anyone got any good tips for marking line type on Hardy Demon spare spools. I tried using permanent marker but this wears off after a while. Cheers
  19. J

    midge / ghost tip line

    Hi all - I need to buy a sink tip line, and have looked at the various ones available. I considered one of the pirates lines, but would prefer a one with a clear intermediate tip. The only option seems to be the Rio line (Airflo used to do one's but they have changed to a coloured sinking...
  20. J

    light rod (helios) = light reel?

    I am off to test a couple of rods out before I buy (Orvis Helios / Orvis Hydros in 10ft 7wt). These rods are extremely light, and I am wondering which reel to take along to test them - my normal Hardy Demon 7000 (7.48 oz) or an old Danica composite (3.8 oz). I just wondered whether it would make...