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    Brit, Dorset

    Does anyone know if there's any day ticket water on the Brit?
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    The supreme fishing wagon

    Due to the fact that I have bought a newer, larger camper van I am offering my much loved Mazda Bongo for sale. This Bongo was imported from Japan about 3 years ago and has been owned by me ever since. Originally a 'tin top' it has been professionally converted to a camper van by JAL of...
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    Any decent fishing in Croatia? I'll be staying in Pula in September.
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    Club web sites

    Hi All, I'd like to canvass your opinions about angling club web sites. I've seen some pretty good ones and some fairly dire ones, so, a few of questions: What is the best angling club web site that you have seen? What makes it successful? What features do you consider to be essential in a...
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    Ad-vice wanted

    Hi All, I'm hoping to tap into your vast store of collective knowledge here. I am about to take my first steps into fly tying - nothing fancy at first, just a few nymphs for my local river. I am currently a little bewildered at the types of vice available, lever, knurled knob, stand alone...
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    Stocking fertile browns to cease by 2015 Comments anyone?
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    Upside-down Nymphs

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of some Upside-down Nymphs.
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    Vista SP1

    Deleted. Posted in the wrong section
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    New License

    My new EA License has just arrived and, once again it's as big as an old fashioned white fiver. By the time I've folded it enough times to put it in my wallet it's about a quarter of an inch thick! Surely they could do a credit card sized license. Grump over. Adrian.
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    Ogmore AA

    Any Ogmore AA members on the forum?
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    Wader repair

    After 2 years of hard use my trusty Wychwoods have finally given up the ghost. It's not the waders themselves that have failed but the neoprene socks. I have small feet and the neoprene tends to get a bit screwed up inside the boot. This has caused a permanent crease where water is now...
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    Blue River Traders?

    Does anyone know what happened to Blue River Traders [] - the web address is no longer valid :(
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    Postage TO the USA

    I had to send a rod section back to the States for repair yesterday so I popped into my local Parcel Force depot. Tracked & insured, priority - over 40 quid!! I had a 'bugger that' moment & went to the Post Office. For the same deal, i.e. tracked & insured, priority = £27. Now here's the...
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    Does anyone know what's going on over at Small Streams? If I go to I am told "Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later.". Been like it for weeks.
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    Corona Superba

    I picked up another silk line on ebay for a measly £16 - pretty good deal. The line came boxed and marked "Corona Superba" D/T FLY LINE No C 35 YDS. The line itself is dark brown, dry and stiff as a board but apart from a half hitch about 1 yard from the backing end and a poorly executed end...
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    Craddock-Astwood reel

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a little information about a reel I bought recently. It's a Craddock-Astwood 2 7/8" carrying a sticker "FL0151". There are no marks on the reel itself but the box is marked "ERC FL0151 Craddock-Astwood Fly reel Taiwan" I would guess that the reel was made in the...
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    Good news for Staffordshire Rivers
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    Fladen Smoker

    Hi, Mother in Law [bless her] has bought me a Fladen hot smoker which arrived without any instructions. I know the basic principals for operating the beast but there is a flat oval metal plate with 4 clips that I assume is some sort of spreader plate to dissipate the heat. Trouble is; I can't...
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    Direct approach

    Hi, I've had an email from David Rogers over at Headwaters Bamboo Rods I was initially surprised that my little blog had been identified as a vehicle for driving sales and not a little tempted to take up the offer; however, I've never seen or handled any of these products. For all I know...
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    Is this for real? :confused::confused: