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  1. Pritts Apprentice

    Lead or bead is there any difference

    I lose a lot of nymphs when fishing boulder strewn becks. I normally use beaded nymphs, as they are quick to fit on a hook (metal or tungsten) but other than the flash from a bead and less environmental impact is there any other advantage over lead wire, for sinking a fly? I might just start...
  2. Pritts Apprentice

    Cowside beck, Yorkshire dales

    Can anyone advise who issues day tickets for this tributary of the skirfare? Does come under the Falcon Inn water? Cheers
  3. Pritts Apprentice

    Lacing wading boots

    Had a new pair of wading boots on yesterday and as I had quickly left for the river I had left them laced the same pattern/ style the shop/ factory had originally laced them. Criss/ cross style is not great I prefer a bar pattern to laces. Can anyone recommend a good lacing pattern that's...
  4. Pritts Apprentice

    Changing times at Fewston resovoir

    Fished Fewston over the bank holiday. It’s changed a lot in the 14 years I have fished it. When I first started out it was full of fisherman on a bank holiday weekend. Sadly, on Easter Sunday there were just 3. No detriment to Yorkshire water though, they do an excellent job stocking it and...
  5. Pritts Apprentice

    Small hook anxiety

    I have been enjoying tying up some patterns using very small hooks, size 22, 24, 26 and rather nice they are to, if i do say it myself. Anyway they are mean't for a small a northern beck I fish and the fish are very small 6oz would be heavy, so I have no worries about handling these fish. I am...
  6. Pritts Apprentice

    Annoying problem

    I have difficulty tying in feather slip wings, my issue is that the wing furthermost from me often turns under itself when I pinch and loop. It twists slightly under the near wing. This means the entire(both) wing lays off centre and pull to my side. Not sure of the problem, I think its how I...
  7. Pritts Apprentice

    Wading boots

    Asked 100 times before, but just to get the current view. I’m in need of a new pair of wading boots and just want to hear of some options/ recommendations. Budget £150 pounds downwards, dedicated wading boot, rather than a cobbled together boot with studs in. I don’t want felt, just a sticky...
  8. Pritts Apprentice

    Reflo Power line query

    Does anyone find when using this as a leader if tying on droppers the line tends to snap at the dropper knot? Because this happening a lot for me. If I tie in with Maxima and Reflo together, it’s better than Reflo to Reflo. I am using it in 0.17 and 0.15 dia, so not too thin. For half blood...
  9. Pritts Apprentice

    First LDO

    I may have been catching Chub on Swale yesterday using bread. But it gladdened my heart when the sun appeared from behind the clouds and I saw my first Large Dark Olive of the year hatch off. Hope this is going to be a promising spring, as the last couple of years on the Yorkshire rivers have...
  10. Pritts Apprentice

    High summer lure fishing

    This coming season as a variation to my standard approach to river fishing in hot summer weather, which normally amounts to early morning and late evening dry fly sessions, I have been pondering the idea of fishing some big lures, deep in the middle of the day. I have observed in previous...
  11. Pritts Apprentice

    Flat Mylar tinsel ribbing problem

    Hi Can anyone suggest a solution of how to improve the durability of flat Mylar ribbing. I am finding that it is easily damaged/ destroyed after a single fish has had it. The problem is the Mylar, because if I tie a rib with metallic tinsel (Veniards) I have no problems, the fly is very...
  12. Pritts Apprentice

    Bbc radio 4 - Conemara Mayfly

    Just listened to a 10 minute slot on radio 4 (Sat 9/7 @ 11:45am) about the May fly fish on lough mask. Worth a listen on the iplayer.
  13. Pritts Apprentice

    Larval casts and pupa in fly box - advice needed

    Hi Recently found some pupal casts and 3 live larve in a fly box I have not used for a year. It was In a bag with some other boxes that have evidence of Beatle lava, sand like droppings. The flys in all these boxes seem fine, untouched almost. The only flys that seemed to have damage, were...
  14. Pritts Apprentice

    This years Hawthorn

    Anyone had any sport yet with the Hawthorn fly. Not seen any hatches myself up here in Yorkshire, just wondering about anywhere else in the UK?
  15. Pritts Apprentice

    EA licences 15/16

    Hi Anyone aware when you can buy an EA licence from the PO for this coming season? When I try to purchase online it's only allowing me to purchase a full season, trout and course licence for the current season 14/15. I have not registered with the PO so not sure if this would make a...
  16. Pritts Apprentice

    Out of town series box set for sale

    Now sold Jack Hargreaves Out of Town, 9 DVD box set £25.00 incl p&p Take a stroll down memory lane with this series of Out of Town programmes presented by Jack Hargreaves. Let Jack be your guide to a bygone era as he looks at the skills and lifestyles of the British countryside of 30 years...
  17. Pritts Apprentice

    EA site query

    Probably asked before. Is there a mobile version of the EA river levels site. I can navigate down to the river maps but I am unable to get to the station level page using a mobile device :confused: Alternatively is there an App to get at this info, thanks
  18. Pritts Apprentice

    Siilt and mud

    These days I carry a net less and less and can normally land fish by hand and unhook them. However with bigger specimens, I often need to pull them into the bank to unhook. I like to keep them in the water, lying on some soft sand, silt or mud more often than not. Quite often I find the fish...
  19. Pritts Apprentice

    Fly vests

    Hi Anyone got a recommendation on a good fly vest to buy. My hardy EWS has just about given up after 8 years hard labour and I am needing a replacement, if I am going to avoid looking like Worzel on the river bank. Looking for something with good pockets for fly cases, somewhere to stow my...
  20. Pritts Apprentice

    Poor Winter

    I don't know about anyone else on this forum, but I have found this winter coarse season a rather poor one. I have not fished as much as I wanted, simply because of the volume of water that has been carried in the rivers this last few months. Its not been as bad in Yorkshire as else where in...